The menu of chef Stoyan Seymenski has aroused the appetite and interest of everyone present at the memorable opening event

A new place has emerged in the face of Central on the culinary scene under the hills for all fans of pure farmer’s products, Bulgarian taste and quality food with an author’s touch.

In a wonderful combination of comfortable atmosphere, exquisite Bulgarian cuisine and specially selected wines, a number of guests celebrated the opening of the newest restaurant in Plovdiv - Central. For the memorable opening event contributed the participation of the popular chef Stoyan Seymenski from Bon Apeti. In front of the guests, he spoke very modestly about the inspiration that the Bulgarian cuisine and the quality farmer’s products brought him, and everyone was convinced in the veracity of his words, once they tried his menu. Seymenski surpassed himself with challenging tastes and intriguing combinations, the connoisseurs were unanimous.

Each of the dishes was combined with the specially selected wines of two boutique wineries. The good wine selection emphasized the taste qualities and enriched the culinary experience of all present even more. Zelanos winery was presented with two sorts of white wine, which added to the salad and the entree. The lighter Misket 2017 has a juicy fruit body that retained its freshness to the finish and combined perfectly with the fresh leafy vegetable salad, slightly spicy mature sheep's cheese and crunchy deer leg chips.

The second choice of Zelanos was distinguished by a dense body and a sweet taste, in which stone fruits with citrus notes enriched with ice-vanilla accents were clearly felt. Its combination with smoked Atlantic bonito with pickled root vegetables managed to complement and refresh the heavier feel of the dish and leave a pleasant mild aftertaste.

The highlight in the menu of chef Seymenski was the main dish in which he presented slowly cooked pork chops from an Eastern Balkan pig, served with mashed potatoes and parsnips, mushroom jam, Bulgarian truffles, and fresh onions. This precious and traditional Bulgarian meat is characterized by taste, aroma, and structure that cannot be compared in any way with those of any breed of pigs that are intensively grown. It is dietary, it is slowly cooked at a low temperature (sous vide), and because of the valuable intramuscular fat, it remains juicy, retaining its structure, taste and darker color with a tint after processing. The selected wine from the small Kapatovo winery near Sandanski was an interesting blend of Syrah, Primitivo, and Marselan, characterized by the combination of mature red and black fruits, vanilla, dried ripe figs, herb, and spice notes. They all perfectly emphasized without overcoming the taste of the pork, but at the same time contributed to its juiciness and leanness.

The mousse and white chocolate dessert with sheep's yogurt, pumpkin, and a honey biscuit was the final touch that gently completed the culinary experience and refreshed our taste buds, leaving a pleasant touch of sweetness with a light, delicate aftertaste.

Every menu offer of Central is carefully selected with respect to the Bulgarian traditions. All used products are selected and supplied exclusively by small farms, and the wine list is dedicated to the boutique wineries. Good quality meat connoisseurs will certainly appreciate the dry aged Black Angus steak that ripens in place in a specially controlled temperature chamber and under constant professional supervision, and lovers of more traditional dishes will enjoy the tripe soup and the numerous grilled offers.

In the evening of the first event, all the guests left with a smile only after the discreet staff took the last empty plates and the owners of the establishment gave a clear sign that a new place for all connoisseurs of pure farmer’s products appeared, Bulgarian taste and quality taste with an author’s touch, appeared on the culinary scene under the hills.