One of the favorite places of people of Plovdiv and guests of the city from а bird's eye view


Photos by drone: Marin Todorov

The space in front of the Post office and the Odeon is the main square of the City under the hills. Over the years it has changed its name several times and has undergone a number of renovations. After the last renovation, which was completed at the end of last year, the exposition of the excavations of the old Philippopolis attracts many tourists and people of Plovdiv. Unfortunately, the facts about the dating and the various moments of history presented in the forum complex have not yet been presented in the most accessible way for the average visitor.

For example, only from above and after some explanation can we distinguish the contours of the fortress wall, part of which is revealed and visible in the underpass of Trimontium.

We expect the east and south part of the Forum to be designed this year and excavations around the Odeon north of the Post office to be made accessible to all visitors. According to unofficial information, a staircase will be built there with the idea of a pedestrian without much trouble getting from Main Street to the Episcopal Basilica, almost on the path that a citizen of Philippopolis would have passed 1600 years ago.

Until then, we can offer you a bird's-eye view of the square, thanks to the footage provided by Marin Todorov.