The places where we can eat and have fun together with the kids

In the warmer months, we rarely think about where to go with the kids, because then every park and garden would be perfect. The weather is warm, we sit quietly on the bench, and there’s excitement and childish laughter all around us. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it!

This is not the case in winter, however, when weather conditions don’t allow us to spend a lot of time outdoors and therefore staying at home does not reflect well on anyone. This is the reason why the best Plovdiv guide Lost in Plovdiv chose a few places that are suitable for visiting with children. There you won’t have a problem with the noise that the little ones raise, because there are specially tailored conditions that make the play of the kids more fun and your time spent there, more enjoyable.

We start with the appropriate dining places that offer children's playgrounds or the possibility of watching your child while you enjoy your lunch or dinner.

Note di Vino is a restaurant that not only fascinates with the combination of Mediterranean cuisine and a rich musical program, but also with the fact that they have even thought of the young guests. It is with this purpose that there are children's playgrounds with an animator so that you can have an enjoyable and peaceful time even if you are with your children. The kids will have fun and play until you relax in a stylish setting created with taste and elegance. The restaurant also has a baby area for children under 3 years of age which is the only one in Plovdiv.

Another favorite place for couples with children is the family restaurant Ton Bonbon, created not only for peaceful and cozy evenings for the whole family, but also for real fun for the young visitors and first class culinary delight for their parents. The restaurant has 120 seats on the ground floor and 70 seats on level -1, right next to the Teen club Ton Bonbon. Three children's center halls - one in the restaurant part and 2 on an area of ​​350 sq m at the level of the restaurant are also at your disposal. At the -1 level there is a Teen club where kids over 7 years of age can have fun. All children's areas are separated from the restaurant area for convenience and serenity of the clients. The connection between children and parents is provided with a permanent telephone connection at each table and monitors for video surveillance.

And in case you want to eat something in a simpler setting, there is a comfortable space for the children in Burger Chef, just opposite the Grand Hotel Plovdiv, where there are children's furniture, painting and craft materials, as well as constructors, and small toys for the youngest. So you can eat your burger calmly and have your child entertained in front of you.

Shopping with children, as we all know, is a pretty tough and long process, but fortunately you can take advantage of childcare centers in shopping malls that offer hourly care and entertainment and leave your heir for an hour or two there. Ton Bonbon islocated on the last floor inMall Plovdiv where the hall is full of interesting toys and a labyrinth in which surely every little guest will freely have fun.

The other children's center in a shopping mall is Capella Play, Markovo tepe mall. There - in the enormous jungle of challenges, you will find amusing labyrinths, slides, climbing bridges, a kart track and a special multifunctional sports hall and music parties with sound and lighting.

And as we write about children's centers, we can’t miss HappyLand opposite Metro, where, besides bowling, discotheque, themed halls and children's play area for the youngest, the thing that attracts the most participants is the arena for laser battles and 5D cinema, equipped with a machine for snow, wind, smoke, lightning, fire, aromas, bubbles. A favorite place especially for older children and their parents who want to have their coffee at peace.

And last but not least, we will present an alternative to parents who want to do sports, but they can’t do it with their child running on their heels. In the newest sports complex Sila available to all those who use the services of the gym, the spa or are organized group training, in the afternoon there is an opportunity for hourly babysitting in a specially designated area, equipped with children's facilities and toys. Both adults and children will burn some energy, each in their comfortable area.

We at Lost in Plovdiv are constantly looking for cool and new places where one feels good whether alone, in a friendly company or with the whole family and so expect a lot of interesting suggestions from us that are worth visiting!

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