The team of Plovdiv's digital guide will reveal not only our favorite places but also a few favorite cocktails, which you must try to enjoy the skills of the people behind the bar.

We don’t want to let the summer evenings go and we still picture ourselves at the beach, sipping our drink and with summer breeze in our hair. Well, it’s not exactly the same here in town because there is no sea breeze in Plovdiv, but there are cocktails that are also impressive with taste. Maybe mixing a couple of ingredients in a shaker and adding a pinch of herbs here and there looks easy, but it turns out that the mixology is a whole science that requires not only extraordinary knowledge of products but also audacity and desire for experimentation.

The team of Plovdiv's digital guide will reveal not only our favorite places but also a few favorite cocktails, which you must try to enjoy the skills of the people behind the bar.

At Gingertale, you can have your morning coffee in the cozy atmosphere of Kapana and overlooking the Main Street, but you can also spend the evening with the company of loved ones with a cocktail in hand and comfortable dance shoes. Cocktails here are incredible and no, we aren’t exaggerating because they are specially developed by 3oz Bartenders Crew and are completely conceptual in the spirit of the place. A mixture of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks and two of them are dedicated to swing culture for all of its fans around the world - Lindy Hop and Shim Sham. Non-alcoholic ginger ale, tilia, cucumber, goji berry are just a small part of the ingredients used to keep them healthy and fully in the philosophy of a greener way of life.  Mash Mitaka creates wonderful temptations for hot and cold days. If you do not know what you want to drink - do not be afraid to trust him. It will make you something to your taste

"Barber & Cat" quickly gathered people's love, not only because it is in the favorite art district but also because it has heart and soul. You should definitely pay special attention to the most important thing in the bar - cocktails. This is one of the main directions in which the bar develops. You can try familiar classics or some author’s beverages. Our recommendation for the colder days is the hot chocolate with rum and The Bloody Merry is known to be one of the best in town

In  Bar The Post  they offer the some of the best cocktails in town. Choosing a selected cocktail menu is also not a coincidence. One of the owners and the main bartender of the restaurant is Mihail Uzunov - well-known not only in Plovdiv but also in the country, a bartender-mixologist who has not once presented our city to a number of national and international competitions. His idea is to offer less, but excellent quality, classic cocktails, variations and original recipes made by the bartending team. 

Yet, there is another place in Plovdiv that rose and gathered many fans with a little secret - the cocktails. In Fargo,  there are several professionals behind the bar who know exactly how to combine the flavors to make the best cocktail that can be a real joy for your taste receptors. This is a bar for people with respect to music, cinema and life and they often renew their cocktail menu, so be ready to taste something interesting and unique every time. During the summer our drink was the frozen strawberry daiquiri, but now we are so curious what awaits us in the colder autumn nights…

For these 20 years, Bally Club  has become a synonym for a great party backed up with just as great music.  You can clearly sense the atmosphere that this emblematic establishment has in the bright of the day, too. Whether you choose to relax on the comfortable sofas inside for a pleasant conversation with a friend or you will prefer tanning on the terrace with a delicious lemonade or cocktail in hand, you won’t choose wrong. And the view from the terrace is impressive. Your gaze extends along one of the most beautiful streets in Kapana, which leads directly to the Dzhumaya mosque.

Planet Club Plovdiv is the place where you can always count on having a party until the morning. In August they closed for a break and total transformation, and we expect that they have prepared just as impressive cocktails and suggestions as they did before.

Don’t forget to share your favorite places and drinks with us, too! Cheers!