Several places where almond, coconut or oat milk can be added to the well-known taste


More and more people are changing the way they drink their coffee for ethical or health reasons. With the introduction of the mantra for alternatives to traditional products, as well as the spread of vegetarianism and veganism as a way of life, nut milk is one of the novelties in the ritual of drinking caffeinated beverages.

In Plovdiv, not all types of plant products are used everywhere. For some establishments, using them changes the taste of coffee, and according to others, there is not enough demand yet to maintain availability. But in order to be as useful as possible to our readers, the team of the only digital guide has started searching for places where they can offer almond, coconut, rice or oat alternative.

CROATÓAN specialty coffee shop has been a favorite place for students and passers-by in the Medical University area for over two years. From the establishment, they rely heavily on the high value of taste and quality. They have the best equipment in town - SAN REMO's top Café Racer series and always use accurate measures and recipes for optimum taste and consistent quality. Their coffee and coffee beverages are second to none, and you can always ask them to make them with one of their dairy alternatives according to their immediate availability.

Veggic is another favorite place we recommend for all vegans and vegetarians. Their cappuccino with almond milk is great, and we advise you to combine it with dessert from the showcase because everything is fresh and incredibly tasty. Then, of course, you can continue with some of their warm lunch offerings, or maybe a Veggicburger that is in no way inferior to a traditional meat burger.

One intersection below, we have another alternative - the Green Library bio bar is a place where you can feel closer to nature and learn how to live with it. There you will learn all about superfoods and their benefits, how to prepare them, and also drink your coffee with the preferred plant-flavored additive.

We continue our walk along Main Street and reach the underpass of Maritza Pharmacy, where one of the new places for coffee and coffee specialties is located. THE FAMILY Coffee Roasters offer their customers a real blast of flavors - gathered in the perfect cup of coffee. They want to dispel the myth that coffee is bitter and strive to showcase the individual qualities of each variety. If you want alternative milk, try it in a flat white beverage.

The green lemon may also be familiar to you from our article on vegetarian and vegan restaurants and there, they will again offer you an alternative to milk for your coffee. Located just after the Pedestrian Bridge and is a good option for a lunch or a meet-up with a friend over a vegan dessert.

Dolce Fellini have several establishments in different parts of the city and are extremely convenient when we want to drink really good Italian coffee. Trucillo's history is more than 50 years old, and the team is an official importer and full of passion and enthusiasm for not only offering high quality coffee, but also spreading Italian espresso culture in Bulgaria. It is also available with almond and coconut milk. This way, you don't have to deprive yourself of your afternoon cappuccino, and you can safely indulge in the dolce vita philosophy.

We can’t forget to mention the big chain sites like Costa and Starbucks, which, in addition to offering it as an addition to their main menu, often promote it through their seasonal offerings.

In the comments, we also leave it to you to add your favorite place offering an alternative to milk and suitable for anyone who avoids animal products.