Just because it's winter it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your social life. There are plenty of places in Plovdiv where it’s just as warm and cozy as it is at home

This year we enjoyed many warm days but winter is winter and the cold weather is inevitable. Did you think the spring’s come early? In the cold dark days perhaps you want to hibernate. We understand you - at home, you probably have internet, a refrigerator full of everything you need, and a warm blanket calling your name. But just because it's winter it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your social life. There are plenty of places in Plovdiv where it’s just as warm and cozy as it is at home. From cozy restaurants and warm cafes to cheerful bars, today the digital guide of Plovdiv will present to you our favorite places to curl up in the winter. Call your friends and get out without losing your comfort.

Kotka i Mishka

We from the Plovdiv guide believe that beer doesn’t have a season, and Kotka i Mishka is one of those places where you can spend the whole day. Start with a cup of coffee and gradually continue with beer and you won’t even know when it’s become dark outside and your time has passed in sweet talk with the bartenders and other customers in the cozy atmosphere of the bar.


What's better in the winter than a hot cup of coffee? Warm yourself with the aromatic drink at Croatóan, the place where coffee is carried on another level. The café is perfect for a meeting with friends and the hot drinks they prepare will satisfy every taste. We’ll only say this: it is argued that Voltaire drank between 40 and 50 cups of coffee per day. This was hard to imagine until we found Croatóan.

Zeleniyat Limon

A warm and nutritious lunch will undoubtedly make the cold weather more tolerable. In Zeleniyat Limon you’ll find delicious and healthy soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts. And the setting is so pleasant that no wonder after lunch you’d want to continue with coffee.


Barber&Cat is one of Kapana's latest treasures. The bar is furnished with great taste and attention to detail and is extremely comfortable. This will probably be the first thing to attract you, and the warm attitude of the owner and the first-class cocktails are the thing that will win you forever.

Groove Music&Art

Another new place in Kapana that immediately won us. The bar seems to be a personification of the artistic district - a hot spot for artists, art lovers and people who love to have fun. There are a variety of interesting events in Groove - exhibitions, parties, screenings, workshops, comedy nights ... And if you dive into the spirit of Kapana, you won’t even notice if it’s winter or summer.


When we talk about coziness, we can’t miss KinoCafe. It is difficult to determine where the charm of this place comes from - the soft furniture, the woven rugs, the small pillows, or the rich library of books. Perhaps it is the overall feeling that when you enter KinoCafe it is as if you are entering a time machine bringing you back to the past.

Bar Contrabass

If despite the weather, you've decided to take a walk in the Old Town, Contrabass will save you from the cold. The bar is extremely cozy, for which undoubtedly contribute the warm attitude and the magic of jazz music. This is the place for the moments when you want to have fun with friends in a more casual setting or spend a romantic evening with your significant other away from the noise of the city.