From mulled wine to Smoked Margarita, here you’ll find all the beverages to drink when the temperatures fall

It’s officially winter and the aroma of oranges and cinnamon, honey and ginger are already in the air. You can have martinis at any time, but there is something very different in a cocktail created specifically for the colder months of the year. The team of Lost in Plovdiv started to look for the drink, which "screams" winter the most, but also brings the warmth we need so much. Here is our selection of winter drinks that our favorite establishments offer.

We shall start with something quite predictable because there is hardly anyone who can imagine the winter without mulled wine. The beneficial and relaxing qualities of the drink are indisputable, and in western culture, it is an integral part of the Christmas table. The traditional wine is prepared with red wine, aromatic spices, nuts, and fruits. It can be prepared in alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions. Served warmly or even hot, often drunk outdoors and with typical sausages. It is necessarily present at the holiday bazaars in countries such as the UK and Germany, and we in Plovdiv are also not lagging behind this trend. At least three are the places we regularly try it at and we’re sure you’ll add more in the comments.

And what other winter temptations have the bartenders prepared for us, we won’t keep them secret and we’ll immediately reveal them just for us. At Artnewscafe you can’t just have your coffee and afternoon beer, but you must try the peppery Bloody Mary and the Smoked Margarita. The day goes unnoticed into the evening, and the evening into night, and finally, the perfect winter weekend is spent in the company of a cool company in one of our favorite bars in Plovdiv.

The so popular cocktail based on tequila in a smoky version is also offered in Groove Music&Art. If you are in the mood for something not so alcoholic, the honey and rum tea is perfect to warm you up, or coffee with a Baileys for the early afternoon. Though very new, the establishment clearly claims that they intend to become a factor especially when we talk about places to enjoy ourselves. They often organize events, exhibitions, and workshops, and preparations for evening entertainment begin late in the afternoon. A place where everyone can find something for themselves, and we urge you not to miss their cocktail suggestions.

Another establishment in Kapana creative district deserves your attention, especially when we talk about cocktails. Barber & Cat often impresses us with interesting drinks. Their hot chocolate with rum and marshmallow is phenomenal, and we haven’t even started writing about the other drinks. It is well-known that their cocktails are one of the best in the city, and the cozy atmosphere makes them a favorite stop for all who want to warm up in the winter nights.

A new cocktail menu with seasonal drinks is also offered by club Fargo. It includes both pure author's suggestions and their interpretations of well-known classics prepared with special home ingredients and top quality alcoholic beverages. "Perfect Storm", "Espresso Martini" and "Hot Apple Cider" are just a small part of the cocktails, and we guarantee that they are all as appealing in both taste and appearance.

Our tour of the bars certainly won’t end here, but we are curious what you, our readers, prefer to drink in the winter. We look forward to your suggestions in the comments and we go in search of more places that shouldn’t be missed when we are in our favorite Plovdiv.