Genuine leather and wood are the basis for the fashionable handbags

Perhaps you remember our article about Gluharcheto – the restaurant of dreams, in which we told you about the establishment that embodied the passion of the owners to the culinary, and today we will show you another proof from them that dreams come true when you work on their realization. Because who can say that food and fashion don’t go hand in hand ... isn’t it so that when we visit an elegant and cozy restaurant, we want to look stunning...!?

Well, it turns out that DandeliWood have a lot to surprise and impress us with because recently they started to tempt uswith handmade handbags that prompt us to plan where we can go and show them off. The bags are unique, made entirely by hand. The inspiration for their work is mostly in the pure forms and details around us. There is no exact formula or model on which to build, and the key word here is uniqueness. The special thing is that there is no mass production and no concept of "fast fashion", which you can find in every shop and shopping center. The details are simple, but they are woven everywhere - both in the shape of the bag itself and on the handles and the buckle. The geometric figures on which they are stacked give an exquisite elegance and simplicity that would suit every everyday or evening outfitin which the ladies' accessory is the accent.

The materials are 100% genuine leather combined with wood and the colors are mainly black, beige and burgundy to suit every style and wardrobe.

There is no lady who doesn’t want to be different and distinctive and with a bag from DandeliWood you will surely get thousands of compliments for your choice.

More information and pictures you can find: DandeliWood