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For five years now, Lost in Plovdiv, the only bilingual online guide under the hills, serves as a kind of compass for the really important things around, for the hidden treasures, for the history, for the mosaics buried tens of centuries ago, which must be seen, for the ultimate places under the hills.

The website is not only a ranking and presentation of the most current bars and restaurants and places in the city, but also an inexhaustible source of interesting stories, urban legends and indisputable historical facts. During this time, we have gathered hundreds of friends and thousands of visitors find something valuable and useful in our content every day.

This season Lost in Plovdiv is coming out of the screen and approaching the people with its map, which in its first edition presented the newest landmark under the hills - the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis.

In it you will find our recommended places to eat, stay or have a good time, as well as any information about the sights in Plovdiv. The map is planned to be published twice a year and each time to have a variety of content. The format is pocket-sized and convenient for carrying on tours and walks.

You can find it in selected places for accommodation, food and entertainment, tourist centers, some sights, when walking with the guides of the Free Plovdiv Tour and using the HOBO electric scooters!

And don't forget to visit the site every day for everything new in the city and for useful informative articles!