The best bars under the hills share recipes you can make at home


The last days are a real challenge for all of us, and the inability to have a drink with friends was something unthinkable until last week. The establishments closed their doors on Friday evening, and for the second weekend, we longingly pass by closed doors and sadly lone tables and chairs in the corner. Kapana and Main Street seem deserted, and at the moment even gathering of more than two adults is prohibited.

However, the situation is not so bad as most of us already have an online video connection with our friends and so we accept the idea of complete social isolation a bit easier. And any friendly gathering is cooler with a glass of good drink in your hand, right!?

The team of the only digital guide under the hills has already contacted the bartenders of some of the best cocktail establishments in Plovdiv to challenge them to share with us their favorite recipe that anyone can prepare at home.

Anyway surprised us with a real antivirus offer and a version of a favorite classic.

The history of whiskey sour can be traced back to President Lincoln's administration, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to make it at home. To do this you will need:

50 ml of bourbon whiskey                                                                                    

30 ml of lemon juice

15 ml of sugar syrup

Prepare the sugar syrup by heating a glass of water on the stove, to which you add two cups of sugar. Optionally, you can also cook some ginger for extra flavor.

Mix everything and serve in a low glass full of ice. If you have a blender, add 20 ml of egg whites to give some smoothness to the cocktail.

Even if you don't have a gauge, use an espresso cup - in most cases, it's about 50 ml.

An interesting option is to replace the whiskey with rakia, quite in a Balkan style. You can prepare Rakia sour in the same way and finally add 20 ml of red wine on top instead of the egg white.

QBar, in tune with the spring, is refreshing us with a Tom Collins recipe. To do this you will need:

50 ml of gin, but at home, you can use a little more

2 teaspoons sugar or sugar syrup. Theo's recipe is to mix one glass of sugar with one glass of hot water and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

The juice of half a lemon

Top soda

Garnish with a slice of lemon and you're ready to enjoy the sun outside, at least from the terrace.

Our last idea in this text is from Poshtata. Misho suggests we try something simple - the popular Screwdriver or vodka with orange juice. Their secret here lies in a technique that was revealed to them about 2 years ago by Danta Coffee Bar (No. 1 for 2019 according to the 50 Best bars), with the help of which you can prepare yourself fluffy orange juice. For this, we need a blender or a frappe machine. First, squeeze 120-150 ml orange juice, then mix it with the blender or frappe machine for 10-15 seconds and you’ll get aerated juice, which has a fluffy texture. Add 50 ml of vodka and ice. Voila - a delicious, easy and vitamin-rich drink. If you swap the vodka with Campari, you'll make another timeless classic called Garibaldi.

There is also an option for anyone who is tempted by the sun outside - you can easily mix a Skinny Beach. For it, you need the juice of half a lime (or a lemon) and 50 ml of vodka. Fill the glass up with soda!

During the epidemic, it is good to drink warm things, for this Misho has more suggestions. Toddy is a drink based on alcohol and warm water. An easy recipe for this is, for example, rum, the juice of half a lemon, 1-2 tablespoons of honey, a stick of cinnamon or cinnamon powder and warm water.

For grog, get your favorite tea, add rum, brown sugar or honey and put whatever spices you like. You can try pepper or cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and whatever else you think of.

And although it is not a cocktail, Cat and Mouse remind you that you can always open a beer on the balcony, on your own, or even on the couch. With warmer days, we choose lighter options.

All you have to do is organize an online meeting and have a great time in the kitchen. And we are already counting the days after which we will be able to trust the virtuosos behind the bar.