Trifon Mitsov’s house with an oven can still be seen on today's 35 General Skobelev St


This is not a landmark you will read about in the thick travel guides. Most of us will probably not even reach the neighborhood where it is located. But that's why, as the only digital guide under the hills, the Lost in Plovdiv team strives to uncover as many hidden secrets in Plovdiv that, while not widely publicized, also add to the charm and pride of living in the oldest city in Europe.

The discovery of the "hero" of today's text is due to the Facebook group Architecture of the Revival Plovdiv. The authors reveal that, on the border between the Tepe Alta and Hadzhi Hasan neighborhoods, on today's 35 General Skobelev St, a building with a Revival shop has survived to this day.

At the time, the street was inhabited entirely by Bulgarians and had a commercial appearance. The preserved house is of late Revival and we can only guess for its planned scheme. The niche to the left of the door, in which a smaller window is placed, suggests that there was another shop window in the past, which was later converted into a living space.

Until recently, the ensemble of Revival buildings down the street and in the neighborhood was largely preserved, but one by one they fell prey to new construction and were replaced by multi-family housing cooperatives.

The archival photograph of General Skobelev Street in the direction of Dzhambaz Tepe and the Sar Stavri Green Girl's School (with the triangular pediment) shows numerous houses with shops and gossip places. At the house at the bottom of the street, the latter turned left and went to Rila Square, where there were cafes, ovens and more shops (the only one that survived and was restored is the Moralia cafe). In this photo, Trifon Mitsov's house with an oven falls out of frame, just before the tree with the lantern on the right.