A list of places to visit in Plovdiv that are into the eco-friendly category and a few things you can change in your daily routine to live in harmony with nature


Petya Bankova, trainee

Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyles are not a new topic, but are extremely popular right now. To show that this is actually fun and nature-friendly, our team has prepared for you a "list" of places to visit in Plovdiv that fall into the eco-friendly category. In addition, we have also highlighted some things that you can easily change in your daily routine to live in harmony with nature.

Imagine a relatively busy place in the City under the hills, serving drinks to the customers with plastic straws. At the end of the day, all these straws are thrown away and take many years to decompose, while polluting nature. That is why there are establishments that choose to change exactly this in the way they serve their customers. An example of such an establishment is The Post, in which the straws are of two kinds - paper and ... made from pasta! Yes, you read that correctly - pasta. These straws do not alter the taste of the drink and are far "healthier" for nature than plastic. And we have to admit that serving us a drink with a pasta straw is actually pretty cool.

Another environmentally conscious place is Cat and Mouse in Kapana, where besides paper straws you can also enjoy craft beer and why not grab a textile bag to use when shopping. That way you can proudly say "No, thank you, I have my own" when they offer you a plastic bag in the store.

You can use straws from alternative materials at home while drinking juice, coffee or water. Metal and paper straws are available in many places on the internet and in organic stores. In addition to straws, you can also buy a reusable cup and take it with you when you go out. So in some places you will be able to use your cup instead of a plastic one when buying a drink, and you can also get discounts. In Starbucks, for example, you get 30 st. drink discount if you bring your own cup, which they also sell at their premises.

There is also an alternative for those who forget the cup at home. In Sezoni they offer your favorite coffee into an edible cup. Morning dose of caffeine and breakfast in one... why not!?

It is good that more and more places are trying to change their practices in the direction of less plastic and zero-waste philosophy. Of course, the process is slow and we will still keep you informed of all the steps that are being taken towards a cleaner environment.                                                                                               

We’ve already mentioned carrying your own bag, so we'll just give you an idea of places to buy one from, except Cat and Mouse. If you want a bag with a more interesting message and design, you can check out Cyanoprom's offers online.

Did you know that there are coconut bowls in which many restaurants of famous chefs serve their desserts? An example of such bowls is the Coco Bowl, which you can buy with a coconut spoon. Breakfast and dessert have never looked so cool!

Last but not least - the Caps for Future campaign. Even if you use plastic bottles or have happened to find caps from such, don’t worry, this is not necessarily a bad thing. You can collect plastic caps and take them to any site that is a part of the campaign. The caps are handed over for recycling and the money raised is used to buy medical equipment and incubators for hospitals all over Bulgaria.

The purpose of this article is not to make you feel bad that you still use plastic straws or bottles, but to show that being in tune with nature is cool and not at all difficult. Although said in another context and at a different time, Neil Armstrong's sentence from the stepping on the moon in 1969 applies with full force here, too, because a small step for man brings with it a great leap for humanity... and for nature.