His advice to young people in Bulgaria is to believe in their country

The hero of our Expats in Plovdiv series today is originally from Puglia, Italy, but his work and profession brought him to the city of the seven hills - Plovdiv. He is a Production Manager at a large electrical equipment factory and has already found his second home under the hills.


Ale, as his friends call him, is one of the greatest admirers of the Plovdiv creative district, and he even identifies it as one of his favorite places in the world. Others are the sea in the summer and the mountains in the winter. When he arrived back in 2014, his English was poor, but in Kapana he managed to improve it quickly in order to communicate with the cool people and to absorb some of the aylyak atmosphere of the district.

His advice to young people in Bulgaria is to believe in their country.

And here are Alessandro's answers to our questionnaire:

When friends visit Plovdiv for the first time we go to...First stop my home to leave the luggage, second stop (after 5 min) - Kapana

When it’s party time I go to...Kapana for a beer in Cat and Mouse and/or in Gingertale for a good cocktail and swing music. When there is a funky event, Fargo is always a good option.

The most underrated place in Plovdiv is...Rowing Canal (Grebnata Baza); generally the tourists (if not athletes) don’t go or don’t know about this place

A place in Plovdiv that always wows people is...Ancient Theatre of Plovdiv (especially during the concerts)

For a delicious food, I usually go to...Pavaj; my friend Raycho is always able to find a little space for an Italian man usually without reservation

My alternative route in Plovdiv is…the parallel route of the rowing canal, inside the forest along the river (I like to run there)

My least favorite thing in Plovdiv …I don’t like when people, originals from Plovdiv, want to forget the Bulgarian traditions instead to invest in them.