"A place in Plovdiv that always wows people is the view of Nebet Tepe hill. Unexpected and just beautiful"

Daniela and her family moved from Austria to Plovdiv because of her husband's work. Although it is even more difficult to integrate into another country where you do not speak the language when you are with a little child, Daniela manages to find a pursuit for herself and activities for her daughter.

Today, after a little more than a year of our first meeting, Danny is already able to present his first exhibition in the City under the hills in the Labyrinth Gallery. She is entitled "Game of Forms" and through her technique "Aquarelldruck" Daniela recreates her own world, full of imagination, shapes, and colors without names and definitions and inspired by the street collages of Plovdiv.

And here are Daniela's answers to our short questionnaire:

When friends visit Plovdiv for first time we go to...There are many things to visit! We always do the free Plovdiv tour, then go to Kapana, the old town, and the singing fountains park.

When it’s party time I go to...The Morado bar at the Singing fountains park and various bars in Kapana.

The most underrated place in Plovdiv is...The rowing channel. It‘s quite simple but great, taking a drink and enjoying the last sunbeams of the day.

A place in Plovdiv that always wows people is...The view of Nebet Tepe hill. Unexpected and just beautiful

For delicious food, I usually go to...Special places are the Hebros Hotel and for fish, I would advise Ribarnika.

The coolest place in town is...Kapana. Cool mood and people.

My alternative route in Plovdiv is…Go to see the view from Aliosha Hill.

 My least favorite thing in Plovdiv...The air in the winter!

You can visit Daniela's exhibition every day from 8th till 19th of January!