"We have made fabulous friends in our short time within the city.  We can’t wait to explore more and to meet each and every one of you."

Photo cover: accordingtouna

Another guest in our series is a smiling lady, which our team met recently. With her positive attitude and natural ease, she immediately won us, and when we talked about how much she is in love with Plovdiv - we were already convinced that we found the next person we want to present to all of you. That's why we let her tell more about herself:

"Hi, my name is Una, and I am from a town called Seattle, in America.  I work from home, and can, therefore, live anywhere on the planet, learn more about me at @accordingtouna.  Last year, when I turned 50, I was on a mission to find my forever home, to see if it even existed on this planet.  From the moment I landed in Plovdiv, I knew I had found my answer. 

Is it a challenge for an American to live here, yes.  But I am willing to jump through those hoops because the people are fantastic, the food and drink are amazing, you can walk everywhere, there are cultural and musical events all the time, the expat community embraces you just as much as the locals, I can hike out my front door, and I have never felt I was part of a “community” as much as I have here. 

My dog is now here from the USA and my son has joined me as well.  He now plays for a semi-pro Football team and takes lessons in Bulgarian and we have both made fabulous friends in our short time within the city.  We can’t wait to explore more and to meet each and every one of you."

And here are her answers to our short questionnaire:

When friends visit Plovdiv for first time we go to...the Kapana to find a beer and wander the fabulous streets.

When it’s party time I go to...it’s past my bedtime but you can find me on many nights around 18:00  at Judge O’neil’s. Best Irish Bar in town

The most underrated place in Plovdiv is...On a hike up to Alyosha.Great views from the top and the Regatta Venue, because of it’s large green space and special rowing channel.

A place in Plovdiv that always wows people is...Old Town, the architecture is stunning as well as the views and amazing hidden pubs and shops.

For a delicious food, I usually go to...Hemingway’s is my favorite go-to - always an excellent meal and level of service.

The coolest place in town is...The Kapana!  Such a great space filled with artisans of incredible talent.

My alternative route in Plovdiv is…Just walking everywhere and looking at all the amazing architecture.

My least favorite thing in Plovdiv is...the cats.  “everybody” takes care of them, but they are all malnourished and sick looking and gross me out completely.

You should definitely check her blog According to Una and read her latest article about Plovdiv: The oldest city in Europe