“Kapana is coziness with the spirit of a small European town”


Yana arrived in Plovdiv for love. She met the man of her heart - Mitko, when they worked in the United States, and after three months, they got married in a town where it never snowed. It was just the two of them. At first, the lovers communicated in English, but in the United States, Yana began to study Bulgarian. None of them were captivated by life in the country of endless possibilities, so they decided to come to Plovdiv and open a bakery. Today, 10 years later, Bakery Art creates true dough art, and Yana and Mitko still put their whole heart into creating their culinary magic.

And here are Yana’s answers in our short questionnaire:                                

When friends visit Plovdiv for first time we go to:  A walk along Main Street, of course, which continues in the Old Town.

When it’s party time I go to:  Kapana – coziness with the spirit of a small European town. Otherwise, we love to go to Pasha or Bally.

The most underrated place in Plovdiv is: The zoo! What happened with it?

A place in Plovdiv that always wows people is: The first thing is Kapana. And the second is the Ancient Theater: I remember when I came to Plovdiv for the first time, I was very impressed! This is a very rich historical heritage, especially for me it was just wow, as I have an education in history, part of which was archeology, I was also practicing archeology (21 days in a tent, every day with a shovel in my hand and the best thing you find is a piece of clay pot or a bone!) and I’ve seen something like the Ancient Theater only in a picture. I never thought I'd see anything like this live.

For delicious food I usually go to: The choice here is quite rich. I love Smokini, Pavaj, Gastronome, Raffy, for something sweet -Sunny Bakery and this pastry shop opposite Hemingway (editor’s note - Dolce Felini), and Afreddo’s ice cream is unique, there is no summer day to pass by without taking some.

The coolest place in town is: Honestly, I like to sit in the café by the fountain in front of the Municipality, I think it’s called Dreams. You sit down, you watch passing tourists and you don't think - that's how I take a break from my daily routine.

My alternative route in Plovdiv is: Visiting the Little Basilica on Maria Louisa Blvd., then along the boulevard we go to the Old Town (various museum houses can be included here), from there to the restaurant at the very top (I’m very bad with the names) (editor’s note - RahatTepe). Here, we must have a beer with sprat, take pictures on the hill; we go down to Main Street, shopping in Refan. (the Russians love it a lot). From there to the doners next to Hali; Kapana; a visit to the Archaeological Museum at Saedinenie Square follows. I also look forward to the opening of the Great Basilica, which is included in this itinerary. This was for tourists.

Otherwise, when I take a walk, I follow Maria Louisa from Kamenitsa 2 (where I live) to St. Petka I turn to Captain Raycho and from there to Tsar-Simeon's Garden. Ivan Vazov Street has its own special charm if I have time for it. I love walking in Plovdiv!

My least favorite thing in Plovdiv: The Rowing Channel during the weekend and the grumbling people who are quite a lot, especially in Plovdiv.