"Old Plovdiv is a must. It is one of Plovdiv’s highlights, and visitors really enjoy it"

It is time for the second guest in our series Expats in Plovdiv. We introduced you  Zina in the article she prepared for Lost in Plovdiv dedicated to wine. There she presented herself as a wine enthusiast, a small-business owner, sustainable tourism advocate, social media aficionado, travel fanatic and food lover. Originally from Denmark, she has been an expat in Plovdiv since 2014.

Today Lost in Plovdiv will present you the city under the hills through her eyes and with a few words will try to answer the question why Zina spends her time trying to promote Bulgaria as a destination for alternative tourism and is one of those people who, when speaking of  our country, you can feel how impressed they are and how positively she appreciates it through the traveler's eyes.

When friends visit Plovdiv for the first time we go to...Old Plovdiv! Whether I have friends or family visiting, Old Plovdiv is a must. It is one of Plovdiv’s highlights, and visitors really enjoy it.

When it’s party time I go to...Kapana! Lots of places to go in a small area makes it really easy to party there, and there’s a great atmosphere in Kapana.

The most underrated place in Plovdiv is...maybe Youth Hill (DzhendemTepe). It is being used more now for music events but it’s really a great place to go for walking, outdoor sports or picnics.

A place in Plovdiv that always wows people is...The Ancient Theatre! Even when people have seen pictures online, it is still amazing for them to see the Ancient Roman Theatre with their own eyes

For delicious food, I usually go to...a good Bulgarian or Armenian restaurant.

The coolest place in town is...I have to say Kapana again.

My alternative route in Plovdiv is…walking by and around the Maritza River, or the Rowing Channel.

My least favorite thing in Plovdiv…is probably the bad, smoky air during winter when people are burning solid fuels at home or the slippery, icy sidewalks during winter.