Here is our selection of several places where you can eat fast, take home or order in bigger quantities with the exact day and time for an event

In the city, the choice of restaurants and lunch options is great, but for moments when we don’t have time to pay enough attention to food, there is also a solution. Sometimes our schedule is so busy that even half an hour of sitting in a restaurant and waiting for an order is not something we can afford. Then we always think of the option of takeaway- a meal in a box, but freshly prepared without having to warm up. This is also an option when we are surprised with an unexpected visit by friends, and to go wild in front of the stove is not on the agenda. Here is our selection of several places where you can eat fast, take home or order in bigger quantities with the exact day and time for an event.

Adisa is probably one of the first restaurants of this type. They opened their first restaurant more than a decade ago to meet consumer demand for ready-made food of good quality and appearance, as well as low price. Over the last few years, several more ready-made food stores have been opened. Each one has its own kitchen and production with a variety of food (salads, starters, pasta, cooked dishes, grilled meat, desserts). Every day, over 100 types of dishes are offered in the shops. Orders for larger quantities (for home) are also accepted upon prior request. If you are unable and have no time to prepare dinner or lunch for your guests, you can choose dishes and make a complex menu at the nearest Adisa shop and order for a specific day.

For lovers of authentic and delicious pizza, we recommend the cozy Lozana Pizzeria. The pizza chefs at Lozana have prepared a wonderful selection of crunchy pizzas for every taste - from the traditional Margherita to the pizzeria’s specialty - Balkan Pizza. The pizzeria also offers outdoor seating and is a wonderful choice for meetings with friends or family gatherings. You can also order pizza delivery from every day of the week.

For all who work and live in Karshiyaka, the fast food restaurant Yovana is always available for delicious and homemade food. The team of the restaurant offers a quality and varied food every day, mainly from our national cuisine. Daily fresh salads, several soups, chicken, pork, veal, fish and no-meat dishes, varied grills and side dishes, as well as home-made desserts, are served daily. Quality products and raw materials are used for their preparation. There are places to sit outside on warmer days.

We continue our selection with Chili whose concept is to offer its clients a whole new way of life through quality, balanced and healthy eating. For only a few years, CHILI has managed to become one of the places in the city of Plovdiv, where you can enjoy daily delicious and healthy dishes from Bulgarian and foreign cuisine prepared with steam from chilled Bulgarian products.

We also recommend another colorful and cozy restaurant, where it is also very tasty. A varied daily menu, central location, and friendly service are just some of the reasons why we advise you to visit Bijou fast food restaurant. A place where you can eat with an appetite!

For all who’ve chosen vegan eating for their way of life, Zeleniyatlimon is the right place. Vegan soups, cooked meals, and salads. Here you’ll find something for everyone in a cozy setting and with a daily lunch menu.

We end our walk with a place at the heart of Kapana where you will be surprised with great dishes and well-chosen spices from Arabic cuisine. If you feel like eating something different than traditional Bulgarian cuisine in fast food restaurants, Quick Food is the place.

The digital guide of the city under the hills is always in search of new and interesting places, so we will inform you about everything that is worth not missing in the beloved Plovdiv!

And where do you eat in a hurry?