The team of the only digital guide went through several of our preferred locations and chose the most appetizing cakes

Summer is behind us and for at least a few months we can leave the "summer body" project waiting. Now is the time to indulge in culinary pleasures and sweet temptations. And what's more delicious than a big piece of cake just for us? We have already shared some of our favorite pastry shops, but today we’ll go into details and recommend our most favorite desserts.

Stenata, the workshop for sweets and cakes by family recipes, tempts us this season with a bit atypical taste. One of the emblematic cakes by original recipe and original name is The Cherry Orchard. The name of the cake not only suggests its taste. The desire of the master-confectioner is to bring us to Japan where the tradition of flowering sour cherry gardens creates a unique spring feeling of freshness and lush beauty. Another reference is to the famous play by Russian writer Anton Chekhov – The Cherry Orchard. This is a work targeted directly to the inner world of humans, to their desires, fears, and aspirations. For those who have watched it, the purpose is for the taste of the cake to bring us back to our most intimate memories; and for those unfamiliar with the artist's work - to provoke curiosity. The base is a fluffy, sponge layer that is very light and airy, and the sophisticated combination of sour cherries and other products create a truly unique flavor. The soft, velvety Bavarian cream adds to the sponge layer, and the specific sour note comes from the added sour cherries that are prepared in the pastry shop. The fine chocolate decoration, which resembles a tree twig and the red sour cherries, hints at the delight of the tastes awaiting anyone who tries it.

We have repeatedly told you about the desserts at Eddy's Café and Food, which are a decent competition for their pancakes. After the popular Tiramisu and French rustic cake of the past year, the Cake of the Mole has recently become the favorite of all. The layer is chocolate and in combination with the delicate vanilla chocolate chip cream makes us close our eyes for a moment and get into the world of deliciousness. The fresh ingredient here is the banana that complements the chocolate in a unique way and makes our sensations more intense. The mole’s tunnel is sprinkled with chocolate crumbs and we guarantee that a piece of it will be the perfect companion for your afternoon coffee. Lemon tart, on the other hand, is perfectly opposite as a tasting combination, but with sweet and sour notes it is just as interesting as a sensation on the top of our taste buds.


Dolce Fellini is our favorite place, which since its establishment has been an emblem of perfection in the world of pastry art. The cakes and the incredible works of confectionary are produced in their own factory, certified and protected under all European quality standards. On the spot, the talented cooks transform their passion and desire for experiments in paintings of shapes and colors that would amaze every connoisseur of beauty and exquisiteness. Our favorite today is a French Lyon cake made from caramel honey plates with yogurt cream of sour cream and mascarpone, blueberry jam and an abundance of crushed roasted walnuts. All ingredients are natural and blend into our mouths like an explosion of different textures and fragrances for a gentle and ethereal feeling.

And which is your preferred dessert and where do you like to indulge in sweet temptations?