The team of the only digital guide under the hills tested a bunch of delicacies and today we’ll share with you our recommendations for cold drinks that you must try

Despite the fact that we have left the vacation days behind, we are still relaxed and spend the warm afternoons with a cup of coffee with friends or our favorite ice temptations.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills tested a bunch of delicacies and today we’ll share with you our recommendations for cold drinks that you must try. They go great with your favorite company, sunbathing and good mood:

We can’t help but start with coffee, right? One of Sezoni's summer offers includes a ball of ice cream, milk, and coffee, and we admit that we can’t resist AFFOGATO Illy. It ends with cocoa, delicious cream and a perfect taste of Italian inspiration, and it takes us directly to a terrace in southern Italy overlooking the sea. And if you’re asking for the taste - sinful!

Our next temptation also includes ice cream, milk, and coffee, but here the fresh taste of the icy mint latte inRaffy wakes up all the senses, especially in the long autumn afternoons. The perfect means of rejuvenation and the taste of the coffee is very pleasant in combination with the aroma of this so popular herb.

And as we write about tempting drinks, we won’t miss the milkshakes in CROATÓAN . With a taste of Oreo cookies or Ferrero Roche chocolates, they are simply divine. Who thinks of a summer body when you can indulge in a perfectly balanced mix of milk, cream and the chosen taste for at least a few minutes. They are a great way to imagine that among the madness of the big city we are on a tropical island. And we can always combine them with a cup of coffee, which here is not just a drink to wake up, but a whole explosion of tastes. Drinking coffee at Croatoan Specialty Coffee Shop is a whole art, but the shake delivers no less enjoyment.

We can’t miss the shakes at one more place – Argento , where in addition to the authentic gelato made following old recipes, there are many more tasty things. The secret is in the origin and quality of the products used –the milk must be fresh, and the cream –definitely not plant-based. You can choose from several flavors of milkshakes, but we are traditionalists and we rely on the rich taste of chocolate.

We won’t stop here and we’ll continue our delicious tour with Dolce Fellini's cookie frappucino. Combining two of our favorite flavors - frappe and crispy cookies, this is one of our favorite indulgences after the end of the day. We combine it with a piece of cake or cantuccini and we reward ourselves for the job well done - dolce vita in its fullest form and without remorse.

We’ll end with one of our favorite sundaes in Stenata - the Chocolate Grail. The owners Victoria and Vassil know that it is also one of the most ordered by customers not only for the taste but also for the aesthetic delight of its appearance. The bowl in which the sundae is made is a rarity because it is no longer produced. From the decoration to the last detail in its layout, the Chocolate Grail is a provocation to the imagination. Some will see flames, other castles with towers, and some fairy hills with a waterfall of precious stones. For the seekers of the spiritual and the everlasting, of which the Grail has become a symbol of European culture, which has encompassed the tradition of Christ's cup with legends and stories, for the fans of Indiana Jones and all lovers of good taste with dreams and imagination - The Chocolate Grail is the culinary experience that you shouldn't miss.

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