There are several places in Plovdiv that are guaranteed to take you directly to the south with the help of only flavors and aromas


The cuisine of the Apennines is one of the most beloved in the world. And this is not an exaggeration at all, but the truth itself. There is almost no person who is not a fan of crispy pizza or flavorful pasta. And here we don’t even mention the various recipes for cooking tender meat or fish that melts in your mouth.

Two years ago, we would have written that going to Italy is just like child's play with regular flights from Bulgaria, but today with the dozens of restrictions due to the coronavirus, we often prefer to stay in our homeland. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the rich aromas of Italian cuisine. There are several places in Plovdiv that are guaranteed to take you directly to the south with the help of only flavors and aromas.

We start with our discovery for 2019, which even now - almost three years later, continues to amaze us every time with perfectly prepared food and typical recipes, especially from Central and Southern Italy. Everything in d'Asti Osteria Italiana is perfectly selected and sorted to ensure that the customer will receive the highest quality products and taste. They rely on minimal heat treatment of the ingredients to preserve their natural texture and taste. We advise connoisseurs to focus on pork cheeks and veal tails, which are prepared for 40 hours by sous-vide technology. In this way the meat becomes extremely tender and melts in the mouth. And for vegetarians – don’t miss the melanzane, because in combination with parmesan you can perfectly feel its texture, and the bitter taste is pleasantly muted by the milky note of cheese.

Casa Petraglia is another favorite place of ours, which fortunately at the end of last year moved to a very central location. Here you can enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizzas, which are prepared with ingredients imported directly from Italy. On the menu you will find some of your favorite recipes from the previous place, such as spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil and tiramisu which melts in your mouth. During the week, you absolutely must try the lunch menu, as it is based mainly on seasonal products such as pumpkin, eggplant and others. The place is spacious enough, so you can choose between two indoor halls and a comfortable outdoor garden, which during the winter months is isolated from the cold and heated. There is a children's playground for the little visitors, so that the mission " at a restaurant with children " is possible.

For all fans of Italian cuisine, we don’t think we’ll surprise anyone with our next offer. At Osteria Rosmarino, in the heart of the city on the seven hills, Maestro Giuseppe Lomuscio will prepare Italian, regional and original dishes for you and will make you believe in the saying that "love passes through the stomach". Pizza and pasta are the main thing we associate with Italian restaurants. Here, when you try them, you literally feel the taste of Italy on top of your palate. The important thing in their preparation is not so much the variety of products, but their proper taste combination, so that we can enjoy all the spices and flavors of the dish. Mediterranean food can’t do without the gifts of the sea, so your choice is between fresh, home-cooked fish, or a combination of a sophisticated dish with risotto or linguine. At Osteria Rosmarino, eating has become a ritual. When you put your soul and good feelings even into cooking, people feel it with every bite!

We won’t miss another culinary jewel - Vivaldi restaurant. Just meters from the Roman Stadium, a team of professional Italian chefs prepares dishes from all over Italy, while you eat freshly baked focaccia - a compliment from the restaurant. Their inner garden is just like an oasis in the center of the big city, and when you combine the tranquility with the creamy taste of ravioli with ricotta or bruschettas with mascarpone and walnuts, you are guaranteed not to want to go! Be sure to finish your meal with ice cream from their own shop window, and next time don't miss their fish specialties.

And where do you like to eat when you long for crispy pizza and fragrant pasta?