Black, green or white – tea is a great beverage for every day

The article was updated in November 2020

Do you like hot drinks? In the season when we have forgotten what shorts are and instead of thinking about summer, we ask ourselves: "Where did I put my woolen scarf?", the best guide in Plovdiv will reveal a few more little secrets.

After the wild hot days, during which we don’t stop and never miss an opportunity for a party and a holiday, it is finally time to pamper yourself, give yourself some rest and find the best way to enjoy the winter season. You may guess that this time we won’t take you on virtual walks in Plovdiv and the surrounding area, but we will tell you about something else - a hot and cozy feeling! No matter if there is snow, winter is winter and it is always a bit more pleasant with a cup of hot beverage in hand.

We've already mentioned some of the best places we've been taking sweet sips of hot chocolate. It’s time to introduce you to a few different places that treat their visitors to a cup of warm and aromatic tea.

We shall start with the most emblematic place for tea under the hills, namely the Tea House. If you think it's just a store that offers hundreds of types of bulk tea - you've got it wrong. If you think it's a café - it's not just that. Tea House is a small two-story house in the heart of Abadzhiiska Street, which has entirely devoted its spirit to tea culture. In addition to choosing one or several of the hundreds of different types of tea offered there, you can also pick up a cinnamon or vanilla stick, a porcelain teapot and anything you may need during the preparation for this ritual. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to order a cup of tea which will be made in front of you and enjoy it on the second floor. If you are a fan of tea, you must visit the place.

In case you can't find a table there, you can enjoy part of their selection in the cult bar Cat and Mouse. With them you can choose from herbal, fruit, black and green tea and we can say that during the cold months of the day this is one of the most ordered things on the menu. The aromatic drink has to be brewed for at least 10 minutes, then you can drink it overlooking the busiest street in Kapana! Then you can always continue with a glass of beer for example!

For fans of hot cocktails or the so-called hot toddies, we can boldly say that you shouldn’t miss the rum tea in Qbar. The selected range there is from the portfolio of the German company with over 90 years of history Mount Everest, which is known for its extremely fragrant and authentic products. We are convinced that among the 25 flavors they offer, you will find your new favorite in the cold winter days.

Classic Turkish tea in low glass cups, accompanied by a piece of excellent Turkish delight - a compliment from the restaurant. This will be offered to you at the Dzhumaya confectionery store and it is difficult to pass them by, although during the cold months it is almost a mission impossible to find a table inside. In Turkey, it is served at any time - after breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is mainly black, and for its preparation you need two teapots on top of each other or a double teapot.

Tea is often proclaimed an elixir with its inherent benefits, so we advise you not to deprive yourself of its restoring power. Choose your favorite type and "warm up" with at least one cup a day. We look forward to your favorite places and favorite flavors in the comments, and we continue to explore the hidden and not so hidden corners under the hills.