Black, green or white – tea is a great beverage for every day

Do you like hot drinks? In the season in which we have forgotten what shorts are and instead of the summer we ask "Where did I put my wool scarf?", The best guide of Plovdiv will reveal some more little secrets.

December has passed and we can safely catch our breath after the quest for the best gifts for loved ones. Finally, it’s time to pamper ourselves, to have a little rest and to find the best way to enjoy the winter season. As you may have guessed this time we won’t tell you about ateliers and craftspeople, but something else. Whether it’s snowing or not, winter is winter and it is always a bit more enjoyable with a hot cup in hand.

We've already mentioned some of the best places we've been taking sweet sips of hot chocolate. It’s time to introduce you to a few different places that treat their visitors to a cup of warm and aromatic tea.

We shall start with the most emblematic place for tea, namely the Tea House. If you think it's just a store that offers hundreds of types of bulk tea - you've got it wrong. If you think it's a restaurant - it's not just that. Tea House is a small two-story house in the heart of Abadjiiska Street, which has entirely devoted its spirit to tea culture. In addition to choosing one or several of the hundreds of different types of tea offered there, you can also pick up a cinnamon or vanilla stick, a porcelain teapot and anything you may need during the preparation for this ritual. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to order a cup of tea which will be made in front of you and enjoy it on the second floor. If you are a fan of tea, you must visit the place.

Another location in Plovdiv, where there are legends about the aromatic tea, is Indi Art Café. The place is located at 21 Leonardo da Vinci Street, and besides being extremely colorful and loaded with positive energy, you can get tea entirely to your liking and according to your needs. Toning, energizing or soothing – they have everything.

A good selection of tea can also be found in Kino Cafe. The place does very well in terms of hot drinks and, frankly, we don’t know what to recommend - tea or hot chocolate. The same is true of Otsreshta. The place that will win you with the harmony and tranquility that have absorbed into its walls will delight you with a great and aromatic tea selection.

We shall finish this short walk with a few places we’ll just mention but not because we don’t want to talk about them, but because the topic of tea is a pleasure that doesn’t need words. Great teas can be enjoyed at Bee Bop Café, Artnewscafe, Philippopolis restaurant and definitely in PLOVEDIV gallery and café. Make some thematic evenings with wonderful hot drinks in Plovdiv and start to live in peace and harmony with yourself.

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