Our team has prepared a list of preferred places for you so you can diversify your diet at home


One week has passed since the declaration of a state of emergency in Bulgaria, and this automatically means a time of social distancing, with no open places to gather in, and with a maximum restriction on going out. Surely, you're tired of staying home all day and the level of your creativity for the daily menu borderlines to zero… Well, just for those moments, we've put together a list of some of your favorite home delivery restaurants so you can diversify your diet.

Pavaj continues to work with doors closed for visitors and increased disinfection measures. The kitchen of one of the most visited establishments works to deliver food to the homes of culinary connoisseurs. A guard of young people wearing masks and gloves spread the tastes of master chefs with bicycles. Some also come to the venue and wait outside the restaurant. Its owners, Raycho and Madlen, pour their rakia into plastic shots to make the wait more pleasant.

One door to the right, Veggic, the paradise of vegan deliciousness, also made sure none of us were hungry. They ship through popular platforms, but you can pick up your order on the spot. We highly recommend the meatless burger, but whatever you choose, we are sure it will be delicious!

If you like Italian cuisine, Pasta e Vino Petraglia is an excellent choice. Because of the situation, this week we can enjoy an even larger selection than their usual short menu. If you like pasta, you can choose from classic Carbonara, authentic Amatriciana, spaghetti with zucchini and Bolognese sauce, as well as a Mediterranean version with shrimp and asparagus. For lovers of seafood, we strongly recommend tagliatelle with squid, shrimp, and peas, and don’t miss the tempting gnocchi in two variants - with bacon and mushrooms, or with gorgonzola, prosciutto, and walnuts.

Two of the larger Plovdiv establishments have also adapted quickly to the emergency and are now offering their clients options for ordering or pick-up. Note di Vino offers a specially prepared menu of 10 types of pizza, special platter with BBQ MIBRASA fresh meats, fresh bread, fresh salads, and some desserts. Everything is extremely affordable, and of course, excellent quality. Deliveries are made daily from 12 to 9 pm.

Torro Grande and Torro Boulevard are the other two places you can find offers on food ordering platforms or request directly on their phone. There is no need to deny yourself delicious food, even if you can’t share it with all your friends, right!?

For lovers of more exotic cuisine, we suggest you try the Japanese restaurant Japonica, which since March 14 have their own delivery. In the menu, you will find a variety of authentic Japanese dishes, most of which are original recipes by chef Lozev. Maybe now is the right time to experiment with something more unconventional!

We haven’t forgotten about the desserts as well - two favorite places deliver tempting cakes and desserts. Vicky’s workshop for cakes and pasty made by family recipes, Stenata, offers free citywide delivery of cakes, pastry or crackers for a minimum of 20 BGN. The order is made two days before delivery, so the establishment can make sure that no one will be left without a cake for their personal occasion. Dolce Fellini's magical world also hasn’t closed its doors for pastry lovers. Anyone wishing to enjoy their tasty and natural offers can make their request by phone or email.

We hope that we will make the situation of isolation a bit tastier and we hope to soon fill the restaurants, cafes, bars, and discos in Plovdiv with life!