Regardless of which way you have chosen, the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv wishes you a pleasant stay and to discover your secret place under the hills

Plovdiv is one of the biggest tourist phenomena recently and attracts a huge number of tourists. In one of our articles we have explored the ways of reaching the city of hills, but here we want to be a bit more specific.

Due to the small number of flights that take place at Krumovo Airport near Plovdiv, most of the arrivals in Bulgaria land at the Sofia Airport. Here comes the moment when we wonder which transportation would be most convenient and how much it will cost us.

Of course, the easiest option is a car. It can be your own, you can ask a friend or, in case you are a tourist - to rent. You can benefit from the services of a variety of car rental companies at the airport. Most of them are well-known names in the industry and can guarantee you good rates, easy and fast booking online or by phone and sometimes special promotions and offers. The offices of the companies are located immediately after the exit of customs control at the Arrivals Hall of both terminals.

We mentioned the taxis and that you can move in the city with them, but it is possible to reach a consensus for a price to the city under the hills (or to Sofia). A comparatively standard rate is between 90 - 120 BGN. This is also the most expensive option. Our advice here would be not to trust just anyone and use only licensed taxi services.

The next option is to use rail transport. From the airport to the main train station you can reach both by taxi and subway. With a connection from line 1 to line 2 at Serdika subway station in less than half an hour from the airport, you can reach the Sofia Central Bus Station and the Central Railway Station. Connection with railway transport is possible by the subway stop Iskarsko shose which is two subway stops from Sofia Airport. At the stop of the same name, there is a connection with the trains on the directions Sofia - Plovdiv, and Sofia - Karlovo. The subway station of Sofia Airport is located in the eastern part of Terminal 2. To get to it follow the blue line on the flooring in the public area of Terminal 2. There is free airport transport provided between the two terminals.

Bus transport should also not be missed when looking at different options. In Bulgaria as a whole, it is faster than trains. The Plovdiv - Sofia connection is every hour. The Sofia Bus Station can be reached on the subway route described above. Keep in mind that if you travel from Plovdiv to the capital, the organization of this kind of transport is slightly different. The morning buses (including the one up to 12 o’clock) leave from South Bus Station and the ticket is more expensive with 4 BGN. The afternoon courses are run by another company and the starting point is in front of the main entrance of Plovdiv Railway Station. The ticket is priced at 9.40 BGN. Typically, the road to Sofia takes about an hour and a half, and it depends very much on the traffic situation at that time. In case you’re in a hurry for a flight, we advise you to provide yourself with enough time.

Finally, we leave a non-traditional way of travel, namely the carpool. There are a lot of groups on the web where people (strangers and friends) group along depending on the route and use a car. There you can directly connect with other travelers, specify a convenient starting and ending point and price. This way you can save money, time, fuel and get to know a lot of cool people. Plovdiv - Sofia, and back is an extremely popular route and often has regular travelers.

Whatever way you choose, the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv wishes you a pleasant stay and will continue to introduce you to the secrets and the popular places under the hills.