Although we pay more attention to the events and places suitable for adults, we from the Plovdiv guide don’t forget about the youngest. Here are some of the most interesting among them:


Although we pay more attention to the events and places suitable for adults, we from the Plovdiv guide don’t forget about the youngest. Because kids deserve special attention and our city is full of places where they can play, have fun… and why not create and learn something new. Here are some of the most interesting among them:

Tsar Simeon’s Garden:

A favorite place for many of the people of Plovdiv and guests of the city, attracting everyone with its spacious alleys, ideal for cycling for the youngest, sports and funny games of tag. There are also spacious playgrounds for the children equipped with a variety of facilities where they can play free. And the fountains…!? Well, in the summertime they most often become the perfect means of cooling and water battles.

The Rowing Channel:

Another oasis in the city where the opportunities to have fun are endless. Here you can rent a bike and take it for a few spins or let the youngest put the rollers and have some fun together. There is also one of the newest playgrounds in the city near the Youth center, as well as football fields, petanque and tennis available for younger and older sports enthusiasts.

Children's Railroad "Flag of Peace":

One of the places most beloved by children is located on the Youth Hill and was founded in 1979 and today it functions again after being renovated. On the 1090 meter long route there are various facilities –a bridge, a tunnel, railway stations and an estacade, making it a favorite attraction. It makes around 6 rounds daily for about 25 minutes.

Natural History Museum of Plovdiv:

The Regional Natural History Museum in Plovdiv is the biggest museum under the hills with numerous expositions in different directions - minerals, invertebrates, birds, terrariums and others. The digital planetarium where, in the form of projection, a walk is simulated to a variety of objects and phenomena, is also located here. There are different presentations according to age and on the ground floor you can also visit the largest freshwater aquarium in the country. Some of the biggest attractions there are the dome with live butterflies and the recently opened dinosaur hall caused a real sensation among the little ones. . It recreates a realistic landscape from the Early Cretaceous period. The aim is to immerse visitors, especially children, in a more real atmosphere. The hall has 9 models of 8 species (the Triceratops is a model of a mother with a child), the models are the most familiar to children. The highlight of the hall is the 7-meter Tyrannosaurus. Animatronic models move, blink, breathe, growl. We have prepared a new showcase that connects the hall with the scientific exhibition. There are 10 types of dinosaur teeth (fossils), incl. of Tyrannosaurus rex delivered from England, 2 kinds of eggs, whole skeleton of Pterosaur from Indonesia. All of the new exhibits have quality certificate. They are unparalleled in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

The puppet theater:

Here, even the youngest theater lovers have a stage where they can enjoy the tales retold by their favorite characters. The Children's Puppet Theater puts on between 3 and 5 new productions per season, and there are about 30 titles in its program.

The shows performed represent different genres of puppetry, so each show has a recommended starting age for its audience.

Every Tuesday is dedicated to the little ones and can turn into a real exciting experience.

Swimming for babies and children up to preschool age Babyswim

The center is located in the complex Raiski kat 1, Plovdiv. In it, the smallest babies, from 2 to 6 months of age, can swim in a bath with drinking water, with a temperature of 37 degrees, without chemical additives, and the lessons are individual and with an instructor.

Older babies and children swim with their parents in a 12x6 meter pool, 1.20m deep. The temperature is around 32 degrees and it is purified using a copper ionizer and salt hydrolysis. The changing rooms and adjacent rooms are adapted for comfortable changing and staying of the children and their parents.

There is also a small children's corner for relaxation and acclimatization, which is equipped with ecologically made wooden toys.

Strymna Street in the Old Town:

The Street of Crafts in the Old Town, renovated on June 1 this year, is a wonderful place for the creative minds among children who want to learn more about the world around them in the form of play and painting.The various workshops are a kind of history of crafts so popular in the past, and an opportunity for the children to make their own bread or to watch how clay turns into exquisite ceramics by the hands of the masters.The place is also suitable for organizing a slightly different but certainly memorable holiday.

And you have to only discover the child in you, get in good mood and use the weekend for a nice family walk!