What not to miss out from the rich selection of screenings, exhibitions, workshops, and shows

In less than ten days it’s the festive weekend dedicated to the official admission of Plovdiv of the title of European Capital of Culture for 2019. Despite some inconveniences that triggered the closure of the central boulevard due to the construction of the big tower scene, it is worthwhile to look at what the organizers have prepared as events. In each of the three days (Friday-Sunday) screenings, workshops and exhibitions will take place at various locations in the City under the hills. The program promises art for every taste - cinema, music, dancing.

Friday is the day when many of the exhibitions will be opened, which will be available for visitors by the end of the month. The Tobacco Town will be the place where you can get acquainted with archive materials, photographs, videos, films and works by well-known Bulgarian authors who study the history of Plovdiv through its connection with the tobacco industry. It is dedicated to one of the key projects in the program - The Tobacco Town.

In two of the emblematic houses in Ancient Plovdiv, there will be two interesting exhibitions devoted to the history and its development to this day. In the Koyumdzhiev House (Regional Ethnographic Museum) you will rediscover the legacy in photos, capturing the atmosphere of the urban landscapes of the city, while in Balabanov's House, the exhibition From Antiquity to Modernity will present you the development of the elements of clothing during the centuries and the identity of the Bulgarian woman. At the same time, there will be a chamber concert dedicated to the anniversaries of the birth of two great Bulgarian music artists.

A rich music program will be held throughout the day on January 12 at various spots of the city, one of the scenes being Stefan Stambolov Square, where we will be together with the Matera’s D'Ambrozio Orchestra to enjoy the richness of the wind instruments. Selected chitalishta will perform their selection of dance and music, which will recreate the richness and beauty of the Bulgarian traditions and folklore.

From Saturday until the end of the month, the Town Hall will host the only traveling collection of original fragments of the Berlin Wall - Art Liberty - From the Berlin Wall to Street Art. The exhibition project is accompanied by more than 30 short films, documentary photographs, touring of the wall, political debates, meetings with some of the authors, concerts. Along with works of art, the exhibition includes three Trabant cars, painted by Thierry Noir, Christoph-Emmanuel Bouche, Kiddy Citny.

The culmination will be the show We Are All Colors combining music, dance, and light. More than 1500 participants from Bulgaria and abroad will recreate on the open stage a large and colorful metaphor of all the main themes of the program Plovdiv 2019 and their connection under the motto Together.

The last day is devoted to children and promises a varied mix of history, art, and science.

Museiko is coming to Plovdiv to present some of the most popular discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries. Eureka! Travelling Exhibition (13 January - 31 December 2019) is an exposition of interactive modules that will be located in the Regional Historical Plovdiv Museum (Museum of Contemporary History, 14 Angel Bukoreshtliev St) throughout the year 2019. The exhibition recreates the processes of scientific discoveries and some of the leading scientific and technological achievements. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how the X-ray, Mars apparatus, as well as inventions, such as the Slinky, the hot air balloon and man-powered cars, are invented. Playing, children and their parents will learn interesting facts about the modernization of the world and rediscover the museum as a place of entertainment, which can provoke curiosity and imagination.

At the Regional Museum of Natural History, children will also be able to move into a fun magical world. Two-meter-long fish “swim” in the air, and an impressive light installation - a three-dimensional Earth balloon towers into the dome of the Planetarium, and the diversity and beauty of our planet and its inhabitants are recreated in an interesting and unconventional way.

In the Old Town, the program is devoted to music and in the Ethnographic Museum, young and old will be able to test their abilities and skills in the making of a musical instrument.

The City Art Gallery in its halls for temporary exhibitions has also prepared painting workshops where every child can express their emotions by painting freely or under the guidance of an artist.

In each of the days, there will also be live performances on the Yadroto stage in the creative district of Kapana, a special selection of one of the most awarded new Bulgarian films at the Lucky House of Cinema and on Sunday - a children's program for the youngest.

Follow our articles with recommendations on everything worth visiting in Plovdiv all year round, because 2019 will be colorful, rich and varied!