Plovdiv is more colourful than the rainbow when it comes to the craft industry

Plovdiv is more colourful than the rainbow when it comes to the craft industry. There are dozens of small shops positioned there, filled with the hand-made works of art of about 100 artists from all over the country. Such a colourful and variegated palette, accommodated in such a small area, you can hardly see somewhere else.

There’s no way we won’t start our presentation with Mystic Bulgaria, which have been in the art district for the longest time. Hand-made clothes and unique accessories made of real leather are sold in the shop. The place has been existing for 10 years – much longer than the other craft industry places. There, Bilyana Sakalieva offers her clothing, which she creates with her tender hands, while Mihail Ivanov, with a pyrograph in his hand, decorates the wallets, the belts and everything else made of leather. They also make custom-made models, and the master’s workshop is in close proximity to the shop itself. The leather goods are up to the American style standard and are unique in their kind. No other shop deals with such an activity under the hills.

Next on the list is Vission atelier, which, apart from applied arts over classic surfaces, as it is in decoupage, turn fine dresses into exquisite works of art. Gallery ‘Art… I…’ also joins applied arts. Apart from a gallery, this is also an art shop, in which you can find paintings, hand-painted vases, plates, etc. They are the other Olympians in Kapana with a 10-year career.

Next of the list are the ateliers ‘Muza’ and ‘Fanatic’, united with Art Place in their product offering. In all three places you can find hand-made paper crafts like cards and albums, graphics of different artists and toys. ‘Fanatic’ is the silver medalists in our chart, for they’ve been working actively for 8 years, which is an age worthy of respect for any kind of shop. In the ateliers you can find sumptuous jewels made of various materials, both natural and metal. We can add to them ‘BG ART+’. Entering this shop, as if you get inside a small fairytale, where you’re surrounded by glass jewellery, paintings, hand-painted icons and glasses. On top of that, there are note pads with unique wooden cover pages, which you can also use as retro albums to keep unforgettable experiences.

In ‘Our House’ you really feel at home, but in neat vintage surroundings, in which you can discover the full use of decoupage. ‘Valeart BG’ surprise us with their creative decorations made of coffee and coins. You can find hand-made paper flowers and decorations for your home in Russian style.

A real miracle is ‘Rakodelnitsata’, which is home to more than 42 authors, occupied with crafting. What is unique with them is the wet-felting they do. Other than that, once you’ve entered the shop, you can see the girls inside making dolls right at the moment, adding to their current three-year experience. Other than that, you’ll find covers for books and notebooks, jewels, graphics… The kind of things that will grab your attention.

What a monster? That’s what we also ask ourselves, and the answer is in the heart of Kapana. You’re looking for a unique t-shirt with a hand-made print? That’s the place! Definitely, there’re none like the monsters. Other than t-shirts, they’ll surprise you with great offers for colourful sneakers, which you’d feel sad to put on, looking at their great appearance.

What are we missing so far? We have leather accessories, clothes, jewels, home decorations, we even got sneakers, but did you see wood crafts? No, but we’ll immediately get you acquainted with ‘Darvodelie’ atelier. You can come across various wood crafts in the atelier, from decorations to things with practical use.  The carpenter’s shop is right above the atelier and it’s an interesting fact that the master works on the recreation of a boat in life-size.

And let’s not forget the girls that made a real furor with their work. They are ‘GG sisters’ – they work with recycled paper. Not only can you leave with a bowl or a lampion, some home decoration or another beauty, they’ll gladly accept the newspapers and magazines that you don’t need and will breathe them new life. What is characteristic of them is that they don’t use any paint, they don’t change the colour of the paper and transform it in its original state.

If someone ever had hesitations whether Kapana is an art district, most probably they’ve faded long ago. Have you ever come across a more colourful place?