Proms in the country traditionally take place at the end of May and are lavish celebrations with formal attire, expensive cars, lots of music and fun


Some of the most famous hotels in the city are the hosts of these big school holidays in Plovdiv. Since the past, every school has had a hall where the graduation prom is usually held. For example, for English Language School Plovdv, it is Grand Hotel Plovdiv/Novotel, for Patriarch Evtimiy High School (Lilyanata) - Ramada Plovdiv Trimontium, etc., but sometimes there is an option for different celebrations or locations. In Bulgaria, this celebration is usually not prepared directly by the school, but by representatives of the classes in the respective year.

Preparations begin long before the date itself, as getting a high school diploma sometimes grows into a celebration comparable to even a small wedding. Girls usually use the occasion to buy their first formal dress, and boys - a suit. It is true that in the last year these concepts have shifted a lot and there are already more casual ideas. The competition, of course, is in search of the most original outfit, makeup or hairstyle.

Great attention is paid to the car or vehicle that takes you to the place of celebration. There is a real traffic jam in front of the hotels, and over the years we have witnessed all sorts of ideas - from an excavator to a bus from public transport, and maybe if Maritsa was navigable, there could be arrivals by boat.

If we go a little back in time, during socialism prom marked the end of school discipline. In the 60's as a tradition before the festive prom night there were serenades under the windows of teachers. Until the early 1970s, however, there was no gathering of the whole family, which later became a tradition, to highlight the fact that the child had managed to complete his secondary education. Then began the whole commotion with the preparations, which in those years of shortages in the stores was a whole adventure. Specially, in order to procure fabrics and materials for the outfits, trips abroad were undertaken (by those who could afford it) or relatives or friends of emigrants were relied on. In most cases, the clothes for the holiday were sewn, and patterns from magazines such as Burda and Neckermann were used.

The program of mass festivities often didn’t end at the restaurant, and now it’s the same. For example, high school graduates in Stara Zagora most often climb the steep hill above the city and dance at the top. Sofia high school graduates usually end with a party in Boris's Garden, Plovdiv residents welcome the sunset at Bunardzhika next to the monument to Alyosha, and citizens of Burgas and Varna go to the beach for the first rays of the sun. From the mid-70's and 80's Sunny Beach became a hit among Burgas high school graduates. It and the surrounding resorts still remain a favorite place for high school graduates from all over Bulgaria, who take a few days stay immediately after prom night.

Photos by Pod tepeto