A few tips that will help you mix with locals and find country-specific specialties when traveling

Why not use your vacation to dive into the nightlife of your chosen destination?

Choosing bars that are often visited by local people is not just a way to try a favorite drink, but also to merge with the people who live in the city and feel the club atmosphere and to find out more about how they have fun in the evenings.

And how to do so? Here are some helpful tips from the team of the only digital guide under the hills, tested several times!

Use social media to find the right places

Find local Facebook groups and ask for recommendations for all those places that you shouldn’t miss when there. Surely the locals will surprise you with many bars you won’t have heard of, even if you have been well prepared with preliminary information.

Skip the hotel bars                                          

Yes, some hotel bars around the world are well known, but they are usually not the place where local people drink and they certainly aren’t cheap. It’s worth to visit if you are in the mood for a fancy aperitif, but they can’t give you a glimpse of the local culture.

Talk to the bartenders

Bartenders, including those working at your hotel or at some of the restaurants where you eat on a trip, can give the best advice on bars you shouldn’t miss. So don’t hesitate to ask and try any new places.

Browse famous local blogs and digital guides

Just as Lost in Plovdiv aims to make you experience Plovdiv as a local and walk you through all those hidden places and secret nooks, many more cities have their own popular online guides. Whether it is a tourist portal or a blog, it is always useful to have the recommendation of someone who is familiar with the city and the surroundings.

Don’t always trust negative reviews

Even though checking TripAdvisor might seem like a good idea, don’t believe all the reviews you’re reading too much. Sometimes they may be written by people who don’t understand the concept of the place or have failed to fit into the atmosphere.

Wherever you go, drink like a local

We give this advice tongue in cheek because in Bulgaria the traditional drink is rakia. It is a highly alcoholic drink and is advised to be consumed moderately. Keep in mind that in Bulgaria the small drink is 50 ml. And the big one - 100 ml. Big beer is 500 ml, and small - 330 ml.

Considering all these particularities, enjoy local specialties not only for drinks but also combine them with traditional Bulgarian cuisine.