7 ideas to help you not succumb to boredom and look disapprovingly at all your friends' beach photos


Summer in the city is a real test, especially when the intense heat surrounds you from all sides and you feel like you are the only one left here since everyone else is on vacation. Yes, it's true that in August, Plovdiv seems to suddenly empty out, especially during the weekends, but the team of the only digital guide under the hills has prepared a few ideas so that you don't fall prey to lethargy and monotony.

Go to the pool

It may sound quite logical, but in fact we sometimes forget about the possibility to cool off without leaving the city limits. Choose one of the options in our article on pools that are open this summer and take advantage of a midweek day off. Guaranteed, you will be even more recharged and rested afterwards.

Spend your lunch break or time after work in the park

It may be 30 minutes, but use it to change the environment and distract yourself from the work process. Grab an interesting book or something tasty to eat/drink and put a veto on electronic devices. You don't want to just look at pictures of beach bars anyway :)

Take a walk around the city

Summer days are long, so you can easily take advantage and start the car or catch a bus to a nearby place. The highest peak in the area can be reached by a path starting from Markovo, and a walk to the most accessible waterfall on the Parvenetska River can easily be combined with a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants around it.

Attend one of the events during the week

Every Friday we prepare a selection with the most interesting things happening in the city in the coming days. Pick something fun and don't hesitate even if you don't have anyone to visit it with. The opera performances of the Ancient Theater are truly magical, and the summer cinemas and theaters often have fun productions that will make you cry with laughter.

Take an ice cream tasting tour

It may sound unconventional, but in recent years, so many interesting places have opened in Plovdiv that offer different and exotic tastes, so it’s worth testing. Find all our articles dedicated to ice temptation and we challenge you to find the most delicious pistachio ice cream or your favorite chocolate flavor.

Discover the magical places and capture them in unforgettable shots

Be a tourist in your own city! This cliché is actually a great idea because in everyday life we often forget to pay attention to the good things around us. Admire the majestic new building of the Art Gallery in Old Plovdiv, go down to the uncovered ruins in the eastern part of Central Square, or just get lost in one of the impressive house-museums you haven't visited yet.

Try the new bars and restaurants under the hills

And since the city is empty - here is a great opportunity to visit and taste the menu in one of the places that always require a reservation. Follow our articles to always be informed about the establishments that are worth it and discover a new favorite specialty!