It's Easter in Bulgaria so let's go and search the rabbit!


Although not directly related to the Orthodox holiday, the Easter bunny is a very popular folk figure that can be actively spotted in one of the most loved spring days. In legends it carries in its basket painted eggs, treats and sometimes toys, and that’s why it is so loved, especially among children. It is believed that German emigrants have taken the tradition in America, but today the cute bunny has become a symbol of Easter all over the world. You can find it in a variety of incarnations and that's why instead of hunting for eggs, in April, we go in search of the cute creatures at the shops in Mall Plovdiv.

It wouldn’t be a holiday if we don’t decorate our home. In the spring, thousands of flowers blossom in every corner, refreshing colors and shades, and on Easter, everybody tries to bring home even more mood with beautiful decorations. There are two places in the mall where we suggest you stop for inspiration, and statuettes, napkins, and details are an excellent addition to your table.

The next bunnies in Mall Plovdiv are uniquely adorable and are hiding on the stand of DOUDOU et Compagnie. It is a French brand founded in 1985, which, from a small family business, has become a world leader in the soft fluffy toy industry. Each product is designed and tested by a team of talented designers and tailors who choose new and softer fabrics with modern colors.

One incarnation of the rabbits is in the form of soft and fluffy slippers that the baby will love. It is very questionable whether they will accept them as something to be carried on the feet or as a toy, but this makes them even more necessary.

And in case you are looking for a soft gift toy, don’t miss the DOUDOU bunny. It accompanies the child every day, helping them to overcome separation with their parents when they have to go to a nursery or kindergarten, or just when it's time for sleep.

Bunnies are also hiding on jewelry. The search was not easy, but from Invoke Jewellery,they have a few offers that are funny and very suitable for the holiday. The necklaces and the bracelet are uniquely designed, stylishly splashed with Swarovski crystals and decorated with gentle stones. A great addition to your outfit.

We aren’t surprised at all from the next place where bunnies jump. Again for the kids is the charming fluffy bunny with fun BETSY sounds. It is an interactive toy that walks, reacts to sounds and likes to cuddle. It is suitable for children over 18 months and is an idea for a new pet.

It's Easter in Bulgaria so let's go and search the rabbit!