Isn’t it time for a culinary tour under the hills?

Plovdiv is a multicultural city. For decades, representatives of different countries and ethnicities have coexisted, and have consistently transferred a few their customs, preferred dishes, and cultural peculiarities. This is the reason why the team of the only digital guide under the hills tried to collect the cuisines you can enjoy here.

We start with perhaps the most numerous restaurants, namely those dedicated to Italian cuisine. Is there anyone of us who is not a fan of traditional crispy pizza or aromatic and rich in taste pasta?

We have already told you about Osteria Rosmarino, which is often called small Italy in Plovdiv, but it is worth mentioning Ristorante Vivaldi as well, where the food is also prepared personally by the owner - the Italian Raphaelle. Maramão is another place you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of divine food and an intoxicating wine. And although in the low-budget flight era it isn’t difficult to go to Rome for the weekend, our team is convinced that Italian cuisine in Plovdiv is also not to be missed.

Indian spices and scents are not for everyone, and you definitely have to prefer more exotic flavors to eat at India restaurant, but its central location and authentic atmosphere will surely take you on a mystical adventure in the spirit of the eastern state.

More spicy and untraditional tastes can also be found in Mexican cuisine, where two recommendations are clearly outlined. Sombrero is a colorful place where sangria is ideally complemented by delicious quesadillas, and hot is really hot! Viva Zapata will win you with a personal touch and tasty burrito, so you must stop for one serving of Mexican street food the next time you walk down the Main street.

Chinese cuisine was extremely popular about ten years ago, but perhaps there was not so much choice and variety. However, to date, representatives are not missing in the city under the hills, so we will highlight one of the oldest - restaurant Asia and one of the more recent - Gerdzhika restaurant. You can’t help but order traditional rice or meat with sweet and sour sauce.

For fans of exquisite French cuisine in Plovdiv, there is also a place. Tart Flambe embodies the spirit of France in the heart of Plovdiv - Kapana, and this is no exaggeration. The restaurant serves French cuisine through the Alsatian specialties, and the menu emphasis is the tart flambé.

Again in Kapana, Mayriges tempts us with wonderful Lebanese dishes, the cuisine is different and very delicious, and the service - excellent. The inspiration comes from the mother of the owner and in the restaurant, they recreate her delicious home-made recipes.

We go to near sunny Greece, whose cuisine is quite familiar and well-known to us. In Mykonos, you will feel like in a typical psarotaverna, and now in the summer, their garden is a real oasis in the big city. We strongly recommend the seafood specialties and desserts. Elea has changed its location in the past year, but the Greek specialties still rank among the best in the city, so be sure to visit them if you’d like something from the menu of our southern neighbor.

We end our culinary tour with the Armenian restaurant Yerevan, which is well known to all the inhabitants of the city under the hills. The reviews are again about incredibly tasty food and wonderful attitude that is enjoyed not only by the Armenian community but also by all the lovers of the neighboring cuisine.

Be sure to read our articles about the Bulgarian and Oriental cuisines so you are informed about all those places that are worth it. Isn’t it time for a culinary tour under the hills?