The most popular places for pictures and some of the most popular exhibitors


One of the most popular festivals under the hills will have only one edition this year, and the promise is that it will be spectacular! The theme of 2019 is Legacy and besides the music program of the two main stages, the main focus is the graffiti projects, which will be 3 in number. In addition to artistic projects, this year, the organizers also put emphasis on the green initiatives. At the beginning of Abadzhiiska Street, a new mini-park has been planted and trees have been planted as a flower garden with resting spots, and has become an perfect location for the most colorful selfie.

The streets of Kapana are already full of exhibitors, and stalls filled with different kinds of products. Alcoholic ice cream with raspberry wine, art installations, new and even more colorful graffiti, tasty delicacies, original jewelry, clothing from Bulgarian brands are only a small part of the surprises that once again turn the weekend in Plovdiv into a big celebration. Even the gloomy weather and forecasts won’t scare the hundreds who want to sink into the trap of the festival.

Here are some locations that immediately impressed our team:      


The big trap with the tempting cheese, which has become one of the most favorite places for photos in the previous edition, is again the center of street photography and hosts the magnificent photos from the cityby the talented artist VelislavBaldev, a.k.a. LYON VISUALS. He presents his incredible images, capturing his unique view of the streets of Plovdiv.

The ice room:

The art installation The Star of Harmony

The graffiti:

The colorful garden and the green park on Abadzhiiska Street: