Going back to the memories when we read Otechestven glas and ate a hotdog not in a glamorous restaurant, but on the hood of the Moskvitch


The shots are by the famous photographer and professor at The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Art Assoc. Prof. Nikola Lautliev PhD. The master of the lens accidentally came across old tapes, on which he discovered his own shots of Kapana, taken nearly 50 years ago.

In them he reveals to us the atmosphere of the most popular place under the hills in those times when it was not an area for art professionals and entertainment. In fact, it was only in 2012 that the Municipality of Plovdiv took steps to reorganize traffic in the space and partially convert it into a pedestrian area. Several main streets gradually became free of cars - Hristo Dyukmedzhiev, Bratya Pulievi, Magura, Evlogi Georgiev, part of Georgi Benkovski Street.

In place of the popular bars and restaurants, you will find small stores, DIY shops and unpretentious cafeterias where you could casually have a cup of espresso with a friend. There was no need to make a reservation days in advance in order to eat your hot dog on the hood of your car

Do you feel nostalgic for that time?