…And a story about how the court baker of the Prince of Saudi Arabia prepares specialties of French cuisine for all of us in the city under the hills


We listened about Dominique and Vesela and the deliciously prepared food from their pizza truck all summer, and when we found out that they had found their place in Plovdiv only a month ago, we hurried to check their irresistible offers for ourselves. They are located right on the opposite sidewalk of the former Flamingo cinema, and as they jokingly announced on their Facebook page, their address is "almost as famous as that of the Eiffel Tower."

Behind the counter, Dominique greets us with a big smile, and since our knowledge of French is not enough, and his knowledge of Bulgarian - too, we are joined by his wife Vesela, who tells the whole story behind the interesting tempting approach to food. Dominic is the master baker in the kitchen and this is a skill he has been learning and developing since he was 14 years old. Years ago, the two opened the first bakery for bread with yeast under the hills, but later other opportunities opened up for them and they sold the business. Then life took them to Saudi Arabia, where Dominique was the prince's personal court baker. The eccentric heir to the throne is widely known for the millions he wastes and is clearly a fan of fresh French tartlets.

Nevertheless, the indisputable peace in Vesela's homeland brought them back to Bulgaria and they both excitedly moved on to the next dream - the equipment of a pizza truck, with which they can work from anywhere. They started the season in Kiten, where their mussels with curry became a legendary delicacy, and in November they officially settled in Plovdiv - at least until the summer.

They are well received in the neighborhood and throughout the time we talked, many neighbors came to greet them, and some even noticed Dominique's new hairstyle. The dialogues were conducted in a fun mixture of gestures, facial expressions and some words in Bulgarian and French here and there, but the most important thing is that everyone understands each other.

Everyone has something favorite - teenagers and adults most often line up for sandwiches and pizzas, and children hurry to grab the fluffy tartlets, garnished with delicious fruit. In Dominique's kitchen, the butter is not spared and this is evident in the dough, which literally melts in our mouths. The sandwich breads are prepared on site, as is the dough. The toppings are quite intriguing and although we associate pizza mainly with Italy, here you can taste the French approach to its preparation and experiment with something different - cream sauce with curry, pizza with cream with honey, ham and potatoes, or pineapple, apple and honey. We definitely advise you not to be prejudiced against the tastes, but to dare to try something you haven’t tried before - just find a new favorite delicacy. Of course, there are more traditional recipes such as everyone's favorite sandwich with beef or margherita with tomato sauce, mozzarella and olives.

La fourchette and their approach to preparing and offering food are a real breath of fresh air, especially in the period of another lockdown, when here you can just take something and sit down to eat it in the nearby park in the fresh air. In these times, no one needs a luxurious atmosphere, we all just want to have the opportunity to enjoy deliciously prepared specialties and a friendly attitude. And we guarantee that from 12 to 8 pm every day except Sunday at Dominique’s you’ll receive them!