Which of the villages around Plovdiv is most suitable for living or investing in property


The western trend of living outside the central parts of the cities is gaining momentum in Bulgaria and a large part of home buyers are looking to buy property in nearby places. It seems that the most popular at the moment are the villages in the Rhodope collar, but many working in the northern part of Plovdiv, look to the plane areas near the local industrial zones.

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It all started about 20 years ago with a boom in purchasing houses in the village of Markovo, which then became popular among locals as Plovdiv's Beverly Hills. It combines the proximity to the big city (only 3.5 km) and the favorable mountain climate of the Rhodope Mountains. There are a lot of eco routes starting from it, and especially in its higher part it offers a great view of Plovdiv. For the period until 2021, it has grown so much that complexes with single-family houses for sale are being built along the road, almost next to the sign itself. The growth is also noticeable to the neighboring villages - Belashtitsa and Parvenets.

In fact, Belashtitsa is the second place where many Plovdiv residents and foreigners have recently decided to invest and buy their own home. Hundreds of new houses and complexes have also sprung up there in recent years, and more than 3,000 people currently have a permanent address there. The settlement is more than 1000 years old and is proud of having one of the best community centers in the municipality of Rhodope.

A brief look at the real estate ads in the two Rhodope villages will show you that here you can buy a house for BGN 50,000 (in need of total renovation) as well as for over one million (furnished and with all sorts of extras, where you can move immediately).

The other two places in the municipality - Brestnik and Branipole, are also an option, but it seems that there are a lot of permanent residents and investments in new properties, especially as luxurious as in the other two villages, are much smaller.

A few kilometers higher than Belashtitsa, but in the municipality of Kuklen, is the third preferred area for living outside the city - the village of Galabovo. It is located at a very pleasant altitude - 670 m. And indeed during a long stay you can feel the difference in the purity of the air and the cooler climate compared to Plovdiv. Around the village there are nine chapels that surround it in a circle. It is said that many years ago there was a serious illness. Then an elderly woman had a dream that the place should be surrounded by chapels to eradicate the disease and the locals did so.

At the moment the prices on the market are competing with these in Markovo and Belashtitsa, but one of the advantages is that in Galabovo it is still not so overbuilt and there are no large complexes planned for the moment.

All villages in this part of the city can be reached by intercity buses from the Rhodope bus station. The lines run relatively often and the main roads on which the transport passes are cleaned regularly and in a timely manner in adverse winter conditions. For people living in villa areas, this is not always true, and especially if you are higher, it is good to have a suitable car.

In the other part of Plovdiv - to the northern industrial zone and the region of Trakia, popular for living are the villages of Yagodovo, Krumovo and Katunitsa, as well as the those in the municipality of Maritsa - Trud, Radinovo, Graf Ignatievo, Tsaratsovo and others.

They are preferred by people who want to invest in agriculture because of their flat location. There it is favorable for growing vegetables and fruits. The climate is no different from that of the city, but the villages are more peaceful. There are direct public transport lines to most of them.

The supply of properties there is quite diverse, but the distribution of villa and "rural" area is not as clearly expressed as in the mountain villages. In terms of prices, the offers are strictly individual and again you can opt for a more budget-friendly or more expensive option depending on your capabilities.

In most of the villages around the city there is a kindergarten and certainly at least a primary school, but keep in mind that many parents prefer to leave the child in the city and this would be complicated if you only rely on public transport.

The decision whether to stay in or out of town is usually related to personal habits and weighing the pros, cons and priorities. Sometimes you can come across a nice property with a yard at the price of an apartment in the more central part of Plovdiv, but more and more often there are cases where the prices are absolutely unjustified. When choosing a location for buying a home, the most important thing is to consider your vision with the market offer and to assess it in an informed and well-thought-out way.