Plovdiv on Instagram as seen through your cameras


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Plovdiv is so picturesque that we often realize how we even forget to pull out the phone and catch the beauty around us. We walk in a hurry through the cobblestone streets, enjoy the colored flags above our heads and glance at the shops. Colors seem to deceive and hypnotize us, and we even forget where we are going.

Photo: szopskasalata

This is so typical for Plovdiv, as the aylyak is.  We do it every day - sitting in the cafes in Kapana and deeply enjoying the atmosphere while the one beer becomes two and in this way – to the evening… When we move to one of the numerous restaurants under the hills and then end up with a drink at the bar under the sounds of funk, rock or jazz.

Photo: szopskasalata

Well, this is the situation in the summertime in Plovdiv, and in order not to miss anything from the secrets, beauties and hidden places from the City under the hills we are sharing your photos from the Instagram hashtag #lostinplovdiv.

Photo:  roxana_sescioreanu

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Photo: lana_sdnk

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