Lunch menus are becoming more and more popular among restaurants and are a great way to "escape" from the work environment for an hour and enjoy great flavors and aromas

Going out at lunch in town is a totally different experience from a relaxed long dinner. Whether you are going for a quick meal in your work break or having lunch with colleagues and potential business partners, the restaurants we featured in the article offer everyday special lunch menus.

Convenient with this type of meal is that everything is pre-prepared, waiting is minimal and even if you have a limited budget, you can get at least a two-level menu.

We start with a suggestion that would be convenient for those working in the Thursday market area. Memory restaurant prepares daily several different offers in its lunch list from the categories of fresh salads, soups, meat specialties and vegetarian dishes. The bread is freshly baked on the spot, and the dessert is the perfect finish of every lunch.

We continue a few meters to the side where, in Salt and Pepper, chef Borukov always surprises us with one of the richest menus for lunch. New culinary specialties are prepared every week because here the choice is always fresh and hand-picked products. Prices are absolutely acceptable and it is no accident that the restaurant has become a favorite place for many gastronomists.

Again, we stay in the central area, but a little further, where Gluharcheto always surprises us with its daily meals. They rely heavily on a few but tried recipes. They always have a healthy and up-to-date offer with superfoods. Their ability to combine individual components in a bundle for direct delivery to home or the office is not to be underestimated, especially when you don’t want to go outside and you have work to catch up with for example!

Another favorite, where you can order a three - level menu for less than 10 leva, is Odeon. The food here is always tasty and exquisite, and we can’t fail to mention the great choice of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The unique historical environment, the central location and the excellent cuisine influenced by the different parts of the world guarantee that lunch will become a pleasant experience.

And if you go away from the center for a moment, we recommend that you look for Yudzen Polah where you can enjoy a delicious and freshly prepared lunch menu in several locations throughout the city every day from Monday to Friday.  Prices are completely affordable and the portions are huge.

For those who want to have something to eat on the go, we recommend the gourmet burgers of Mavruda BBQ Hot Spot, which will not only satiate your hunger but also bring the whole experience to a whole new level.

The advantage of the lunchtime menus is that they are reasonably priced and can be enjoyed in a refined and relaxed setting, without the atmosphere typical for breakfast and fast food restaurants. They are becoming more and more popular among restaurants and are a great way to "escape" from the work environment for an hour and enjoy great flavors and aromas.