Lyastovichi vir is located in the land of the village of Dolnoslav near Asenovgrad and offers many beautiful views of the "game of the water"


Spring has come, and with it our desire to rediscover the surroundings and the areas close to the city of the hills has intensified. Travel abroad has been quite limited for more than a year, but this gave us a reason to look around and visit many interesting places. We have already told you about the waterfalls not far from Plovdiv, but today we will surprise you with another water cascade, which is worth the weekend tour.

It is especially suitable for those days when you don’t want to hurry, but you have the desire to move. The path for the "hero" of our story is located in the land of the village of Dolnoslav near Asenovgrad (about 12 km from the "Bulgarian Jerusalem"). To get there, you have to take the road to Kardzhali and take the turnoff between Dolnoslav and Topolovo. The waterfall is located along the river Sushitsa above the dam of the same name.

After the turn for the dam, you will reach the Wild City horse base by car and you can leave your vehicle there, as the next section is for walking. According to local legends, the name Lyastovichi vir comes from the hard-to-reach terrain, which only swallows can reach, but we guarantee that the walk is not difficult and certainly worth it, especially in the spring, when the waterfall is full due to the heavy rainfall and the melting snow.

After the parking lot, continue up to the accommodation houses in the base, but first don’t forget to admire the beautiful view of the dam. Then take a left on the road and get ready for about 45 minutes walk at a moderate pace against the current. It is convenient because for the most part you walk through the forest and even if it’s too sunny, the trees will keep you cool and there will be a shade. You will probably have to cross the creek several times, and when you reach a fallen tree or a makeshift bridge, turn left up the slope.

Look for directions on the trees and they will take you to steps carved into the ground. Above the waterfall there is another path, which you have to take in the upper part, before the descent, and from there you will reach a bivouac shelter, a wooden table with chairs and a wooden hammock. There are also small waterfalls with deep pools.

The cascade itself has a water drop of about 12 meters, and the formed pool is very suitable for cooling in the summer. In warmer weather, you can easily make an impromptu picnic.