The road from the USA to Bulgaria for the two chefs goes through the development of Tams House, Multi Culti and Valere and turning them into some of the most successful restaurants under the hills


We have told you about Tams House in detail in several articles and it is no coincidence that we have also included it in our ranking of the best restaurants in Kapana. It opened its doors in 2018 and quickly became a favorite of Plovdiv residents and guests of the city. At first, its creators - Todor and Melissa, didn’t have the firm intention of starting right in the creative district, but when they found the location, they fell in love with the place and were not at all worried that it took them almost a whole year to renovate it. They painted and selected every detail of the restaurant themselves, and then again prepared the menu together. It is an interesting combination of Bulgarian and Peruvian flavors, influenced by the places they have been to. The two have worked abroad for many years - in Barcelona, ​​France, the USA, Qatar, and when they decided to settle down and create something of their own, they considered that the gastronomic scene in Bulgaria has quite a lot of potential for development.

Like any beginning, theirs hasn’t been easy, as they have often run up against the typical expectations of something traditional and "not so gourmet". This didn’t discourage them in the least, on the contrary, it motivated them to develop more and more impressive recipes with local and seasonal products, but in their own style of preparation and presentation.

Today, already almost 4 years later, they have successfully laid the foundations of their family business and have won a number of loyal customers who are happy to return again and again to taste their favorite specialties such as the duck breast or the Egg dessert, and sometimes to try something new - from current offers.

Two more irresistible offers for the development of gastronomy and cooking in the city under the hills appeared in front of Melissa and Todor almost at the same time.

Multi Culti is not a new name for Kapana connoisseurs and has been a favorite brunch spot since its inception. Since the beginning of this year, however, it has been run by the couple and, in addition to a late breakfast or an early lunch option, they have also developed the concept of a wine and tapas bar in the evening. The menu is short, and the direction is again slightly different from traditional Bulgarian meals.

It is an ideal choice if you want to be in the heart of the city and the art district, but at the same time want to eat or enjoy your drink in peace. During the warm months, they actively use the outdoor space for various events, pop-up bars and outdoor concerts.

To say that Valere is the jewel in the crown of all Melissa and Todor's culinary endeavors might sound a bit far-fetched. But this is a restaurant that makes a serious claim to take the cuisine in the city under the hills to a new, higher level. The concept includes highlights from around the world in a superior performance form. Gourmet dishes with an original touch and a blissful journey in search of the good taste that will pamper the senses.

All recipes are multi-component and each ingredient has a certain order of placement not only during preparation, but also during the decoration and serving of the finished dish. For each of the places they manage, the two experienced chefs have created a special recipe book in which even salt cannot be added to taste. All this is done in order to create consistency of quality and to always receive excellent food. The menu has been selected with an eye to fine French and European cuisine and paired with the right wine, from which the choice is very rich: over 300 labels.

The next step is the preparation of a special tasting menu upon request and upon prior reservation. In it, the nature of the fine dining experience that the restaurant brings with each of its creations can be felt most accurately, and for lovers of late breakfasts and long lunches is the idea of a brunch concept, which is already a fact every month.

The truth is that in Valere you can easily close your eyes and transport yourself to the world of haute cuisine, which Melissa and Todor literally create in front of the eyes of the people of Plovdiv and the guests of the city.

Three restaurants within a little more than three years (and with the factor of a global pandemic) is a real achievement and we can't help but admire the ambition and desire with which they literally sink into new ventures and create real masterpieces.