Casual Mondays in Kapana through the eyes of our team

Cover photo: veronique.ivanova

After the wild and full of activities and events weekends, the beginning of the week in the Kapana district always starts somewhat lazily, without any hurry, and one has the feeling that no one has woken up after the big party last night.

Photo by: lana_sdnk

We can probably count the cafes that are open early in the morning on the fingers of one hand, because here, in the creative district, everything starts later. The waking up is scheduled for at least 09:30, and the first cup of caffeinated beverage - as late as 10. In case you are having breakfast, we suggest you try the Kapana bakery, where the hot croissants with almond cream end quite fast and we can’t guarantee that if you open your eyes at noon, they will still be available.

And Monday is an even more special day in which, after a tour of our team through the small picturesque streets, it appears to be almost an official holiday in the district, where only a few enthusiasts work.

The most lively street is undoubtedly Hristo Dyukmedzhiev, where besides drinking a beer for your hangover or a coffee to wake up, in the afternoon you can also enjoy the sinfully delicious burgers at Brick House. One of the newest places in Kapana is already winning its fans, who are constantly returning for a snack or an aperitif before dinner.

In fact, it is also one of the few places that offer food on Monday. If you're hungry, at the top of the district you can only eat in Amsterdam or choose the pancakes of Tigan. For fans of oriental cuisine, Monday will definitely not be different, because, after our walk, it turns out that both Pasha and  Sofra are working at maximum speeds and tempt us with kebab, “bathed” banitsa and delicious dishes that smell right from the door of the restaurant.

Well, we won’t completely dishearten those working in the area because fast food restaurants don’t have a day off, but at noon you may have to wait in front of Quick Food where they will surprise you with great dishes and well-selected spices from the Arabic cuisine.

Photo by: marina.tafradzhiyska

Fans of healthy eating and vegans have their reserved place at the Green Library bio baron Monday, where you can taste superfoods in the form of freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie and enjoy raw cakes and desserts made with organic ingredients without sugar, flour, and artificial sweeteners. A few meters down, for all of us who have no remorse, temptations are lurking in the form of delicious cakes and Thai ice cream on a plate in the Molle confectionery.

In case the swing and cocktails are enough of a reason for a visit in Kapana, on Monday Gingertale opens in the afternoon fresh and relaxed, ready for interesting combos and why not - a few dance steps to finish the evening well. Because on Tuesday, the weekend will be one-day closer, and then Kapana is full of life.