Casual Mondays in Kapana through the eyes of our team

Cover photo: veronique.ivanova

After the wild and full of activities and events weekends, the beginning of the week in the Kapana district always starts somewhat lazily, without any hurry, and one has the feeling that no one has woken up after the big party last night.

Photo by: lana_sdnk

Early in the morning, we can probably count the open cafés on the fingers of one hand, because here, in the art district, everything starts later. The awakening is planned for at least 09:30 am, and the first cup of caffeinated drink - at 10. In case you want an early breakfast, we suggest you try the Kapana bakery, where the warm croissants with almond cream run out quite quickly and we can’t guarantee that if you open your eyes at noon, they will still be available.

And Monday is an even more special when after a tour of our team through the small pretty streets, it turned out that it is almost like an official holiday in the district, where not everyone works hard. Some favorite restaurants and bars are closed during the first days of the week, but we have a specific suggestion so that you don’t stay hungry and thirsty for a moment.

Delicious lunches are fully guaranteed, as Bistro Retro arranges the white tables next to the sunny house on the corner of Alceko and Hristo Dyukmedzhiev at 11 am and entices us all with a fresh menu. It always has a choice of salads, main dishes and a dessert, and the prices are extremely affordable. The products are quite fresh, and there are already clear favorites of the foodies in the district. We definitely recommend you try the drunken Tuscan chicken with potatoes and spices, in which the chef has perfectly balanced the flavors between the ingredients to get an extremely fragrant dish. Pancakes with spinach dough are also not to be missed, especially since they are available on different days and with a variety of fillings - chicken fillet or cheese. They are an excellent choice if you want to eat something lighter and in the form of an appetizer. Finally, there are the slowly roasted meats, whose texture and taste will satisfy the requirements of even the greatest connoisseurs. They are not offered every day, so follow their list with dishes for the day, but if you choose something different - it will still be very tasty and with the right dose of interpretation on favorite Bulgarian recipes.

Even if you can't take the time to sit quietly at lunch, the restaurant also offers delivery so everyone in the office can have a bite. The lunch menu is published on their Facebook page every day and from there you can easily contact them.

Fans of healthy eating and vegans have their reserved place on Monday in the organic bar Green Library, where they can try superfoods in the form of freshly squeezed juice or smoothies and enjoy raw cakes and desserts made with organic ingredients, without sugar, flour and artificial sweeteners. The other suitable restaurant for them - Veggic, usually doesn’t work on the first day of the week and therefore it is good to focus on something else suitable in the area.

If you are hungry, in the upper part of the district you can sit in Amsterdam or choose the pancakes from Tigan. For fans of oriental cuisine, Monday will definitely not be different, because after our walk it turned out that both Pasha and Sofra are working at maximum speed and tempt us with kebab, banitsa and delicious dishes that smell deliciously from the doorstep of the restaurant.

Fortunately, most of the bars are open and even after a hearty lunch it feels like no one wants to let go of the feeling of rest and dive with full force into the new work week. In the manner of Plovdiv, everyone enjoys good food and quality drinks, and especially in the summer - the work can always wait!

The article was updated in July 2020.