We have selected five more places today, which you shouldn’t miss on your next walk.


There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like sweet temptations. Even if we are on a strict diet, we always have something favorite to sin with. And the tours in Plovdiv necessarily suggest a break for coffee and a piece of cake for example. It has been over a year and a half since our article on Pastry shops you have to visit, and new places have already appeared on the horizon, as well as old ones that have been forgotten.

We assume that you have already tried all the new things in our undisputed favorites Dolce Fellini and Stenata, so we have selected five more places today, which you shouldn’t miss on your next walk.

Dolce Mela is a delightful and charming place where you stick your head to the showcase and you don’t know what to choose. Their best recipes are heavily influenced by the spirit of France and Italy, and their confectioners and bakers are constantly searching for new flavors. Each month, there’s a new offer prepared with the purest Belgian chocolate, French cream, and German butter. Each piece is made with a lot of care, love and a sense of the right combination of textures and fragrances. The place is not big, but it is worth visiting to enjoy the latest tastes.

Molle is another small jewel that you can easily miss in the color of the creative neighborhood. The charming place will attract you with the appetizing fragrance of childhood and marvelous pastry delights. Suitable for relaxation for all, tired of walking along the cobblestone streets.

For all lovers of the sinfully sweet specialties from Turkey, visiting the Dzhumaya pastry shop is a must. Here, there’s an abundance of a different variety of the sweet syrupy baklava. With pistachio nuts, walnuts, in all shapes and sizes. Miniature bites with a unique scent of butter, a dense sweet syrup and gentle thin filo dough, arranged in many layers. A delicious kadaif with a typical oriental touch - crunchy, sweet and of course again syrupy.Turkish delight and halva with different flavors and colors - from kiwi, coconut, pomegranate and yet more variety of nuts - hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and of course pistachios. All this is arranged as if for a magazine cover. You may also find amazing tulumbas, which are somehow both juicy and crunchy, but also homemade Raffaello chocolates, which are honestly even better than the original. Let’s not forget to mention the presence of a pishmaniye, which is not so popular among the Bulgarians as baklava and Turkish delight, but it is in no way inferior in its taste. It is threaded, with chocolate, with pistachios. We warn you that whoever is on a strict diet better not come anywhere close.

Mozaik is the other place where we advise you to go if you are a fan of Turkish desserts. There they will treat you to a unique delicious tresleches. This is a very light and delicious dessert with a caramel topping that looks like a revane with glaze. It is prepared according to an original recipe with three types of milk: dairy milk, cream, and condensed milk. It is believed that the Albanian emigrants carried tresleches on the territory of Turkey, and today it is already a very popular dessert in our southern neighbor. Although outside of the central city area, if you’re going to the Sabota market area, take your time to visit and enjoy.

And the last suggestion will again take you a little out of the ideal center. Little Ida is located in the Trakia district and expects everyone who is looking for someone to tell their stories. Because "talking" only with a cake bake, several layers of fragrant cream and glaze is an art in its highest form. Being a part of people's history, making their dreams come true, recreating their most beautiful fantasies on cakes is something you can’t learn - it comes from the heart! You can order a small variety of home-made cakes, fondant cakes and sugar figurines, muffins, brownies, petit-fours, cookies and many other sweet delicacies at Little Ida. One of the greatest passions of their connoisseurs is the children's cakes that allow them to unleash their imagination and make their favorite children's heroes come alive to their favorite dessert.

And although the summer is already knocking on the door, breaking the regime is absolutely permissible once a week. What is your favorite place for delicious delights?