What is a "kaldaram kokona" and what does "mini go metar" mean - you will find out more about these and several other Plovdiv expressions in the text:


The first article dedicated to Plovdiv slang in the bilingual digital guide under the hills was read and shared thousands of times. In the comments below it and in the posts on social media, we found a number of words and expressions that have been used over the years mainly on the street or in everyday conversations in restaurants, cafes, stadiums, gatherings, in the neighborhoods. It’s possible that some of them are used in other cities as well, but for others we are convinced that only natives of Plovdiv will know them. And no, we won’t limit ourselves to only "maina", "aylyak" and "harabia".

Alexander Condodimo worked on the subject for many years, and we used words and expressions from his dictionary for our text:

аванта  (Avanta) - benefit but not appropriation

алай (alay) - a walk along Main Street

баламурник (balamurnik) – a fool

брои, бройка (broi, broyka) – observe, follow

вдига гири (vdiga giri; literally, lifts dumbbells)  - gets angry, fights

гипсиран (gipsiran; plastered) – very drunk

густяса (gustyasa) – to enjoy something

даяни (dayani) – endures

драпа (drapa) - strongly seeks a close relationship

желязо (zhelyazo; iron) – a gun

зуладжия (zuladzhiya) – someone who seeks avanta (see above)

изкилифещен (izkilifeshten) – distorted

излъскан (izlaskan; polished) – well dressed

калдаръм кокона (kaldaram kokona) – a woman from the highlife

кибик (kibik) – waiting, idle person

кърка (karka) – drinks

левак (levak; left-handed) - a clumsy, stupid person

мини го метър! (mini go metar!) – don’t pay attention to him!

муфта (mufta) – free

наряза се (naryaza se; got cut) – got drunk

от воле (ot vole) – immediately

перушандиса (perushandisa) - be amazed

пищисан (pishtisan) – angry

прави един тегел, чарк, гюзме (pravi edin tegel, chark, gyuzme) – passes along the stargalo (see below)

ръб (rab; edge) – stupid person

стъргало (stargalo; grater) - a place, a street for walking, usually in the evening

тайфа (taifa) - a company, a group

таф ли си? ставаш ли таф? (taf li si? stavash li taf?) – do you agree?

уфлянква се (uflyankva se) – hesitates, changes his opinion, distorts the facts

фъскам (faskam) – run

хахо (haho) – crazy, stupid; стана хахо (stana haho; became haho) – go crazy, be amazed