We continue our series with another iconic place, which recently came back to life


The stairs of Kamenitza are an integral part of the cityscape and various restaurants have often been opened there over the years and various concepts have been tested.

In September 1962, on the left side of the stairs leading from the Main Street Alexander I to Sahat Tepe, the cult bar Kamenitza was opened, and it gave the name of this part of Plovdiv. Its working hours were from 11 pm to 04 am with variety programs and music. Over the years, it has been a frequent stop after a performance for the actors from the Drama Theater and guests from other cities. The famous Bulgarian radio and TV presenter Toma Sprostranov made his debut as a DJ at the restaurant as soon as it opened. For almost two decades the club has been a favorite place for entertainment of the young people of Plovdiv, and the most popular musicians appeared on its stage - Lili Ivanova, Emil Dimitrov, Mitko Shterev.

After the closing of the bar, the place changed numerous owners, tenants and directions of development. We remember it as mix bar Caligula, a folk club, children's party center, restaurant for Mediterranean cuisine, and this year it is a Bulgarian gourmet food restaurant - promising to make us feel on our palates the taste of Bulgaria on three seas.

The new place will present to its guests part of the cuisines of the territories to which our country stretched during the reign of Tsar Simeon. Looking back at the glorious history of our country, the successful battles then led to the greatest territorial expansion of Bulgaria and made it the strongest country in Eastern Europe. This is also the period that inspired the creators for the concept of the newest restaurant in Plovdiv. They themselves are proud Bulgarians and patriots and strongly love and care for their homeland. In the menu, you will find recipes from the Bulgarian, Serbian, Turkish and Greek culinary scene, and the drinks will be almost entirely Bulgarian. The interesting thing about their approach to cooking is that they are not afraid to experiment with new technologies to prepare traditional dishes. All this is in order to preserve the qualities of food. In addition to the traditional list of offers, there will be daily slow-cooked meals in limited quantities.