A Greek coffee-bakery opened its doors in the place of a cult pub from 1930


Last year, during the renovation of a building from the 1930s on the corner of Antim I and Hristo G. Danov, an inscription from an old-town Plovdiv secret was revealed. It turns out that the site of the former bank branch housed a famous pub. Advertising in a newspaper from 1938-1940 reveals that the owner of the restaurant was Bai Kocho Zafirov, and the text states that it was known for "the best arranged atmosphere, fast service, perfect cleanliness."

A reader of the Pod Tepeto website shared under one of the publications on the topic the exact text with which the popular pub has attracted its numerous clientele:

„RAZLAKA Pub Bai Kocho Zafirov 1 Antim St. In the best arranged atmosphere, fast service, perfect cleanliness, in it you will find the famous Bai Kocho‘s wormwood wine, wines and various spirits, liqueurs and cold beer.Also always grilled fresh and good quality snacks from fattened cattle. VISIT AND YOU WILL BE CONVINCED!“

Today, 90 years later, the tenants of the site kept the inscription and the place returned to its original purpose. The Greek coffee-bakery El Greco opened its doors in the midst of the state of emergency, and after the easing of measures related to the coronavirus, it is already welcoming its customers to the outside tables.

The creators are a group - Bulgarians and Greeks who love good food, travel and exploring the world, looking for and collecting flavors and recipes that carry the spirit of national culture. They have attracted to the place experienced Greek master confectioners and bakers, whose task is to offer Plovdiv residents and visitors the original, true Greek flavors and at the same time, with great interest and respect for the Bulgarian national cuisine, to combine traditional flavors from Bulgaria, Greece and the world.

Their menu offers a variety of temptations from high-quality bread with the aroma of childhood, through hand-made pastries - up to irresistible gelato, prepared on the spot with high quality milk, Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit and the unique flavors of ice cream-kadaif, ice cream-Easter bread, brownie, orange pie.

We will try all the delicious offers and together with you, our readers, we will find out if the new coffee-bakery will find a place in the history of Plovdiv like its predecessor.