We discover what’s been on the culinary and club scene lately


The year in which Plovdiv proudly bears the title of European Capital of Culture is here, and the number of tourists expected is huge. No less are the establishments where there is a steady trend of a constant opening of new locations and testing of concepts. From 2017, the only digital guide under the hills informs you of some of the places you shouldn’t miss to visit, and in 2018 we continued the topic with 5 more restaurants and cafes.

The pre-spring season is the best time to visit the City of the seven hills and the exact moment to discover what’s been on the culinary scene lately.

There is hardly anyone of us who isn’t a fan of quality pizza, and since mid-January, Pizza Pazza is the destination for everyone who has missed to book a ticket to Italy for the weekend. "Crazy Pizza", as is the translation of the chosen name, is a fast food restaurant with a focus on pizza. But not just any pizza, but the quality one made by authentic Italian recipes and local products from the Apennine Peninsula. Try it out!

After Italy, we take you on a culinary trip to Thailand with Wok and Load Thai street food. The little caravan is right next to the Yadroto stage in the creative district and offers street food typical of Asia. The choice of the dish is fully to your taste, as you are free to specify the base, the addition, and the sauce.

Tams House opened its doors in the middle of 2018, but it is definitely worth mentioning as one of the places that gained popularity with its original approach to culinary and presentation. Designed to demonstrate the endless possibilities of creativity, knowledge, and aroma, Tams House features distinctive aesthetics and style and incredibly delicious food.

The oldest working restaurant under the hills will also be reborn and will open again. Zlatna Krusha is an iconic place for people of Plovdiv, and the new interior will embody a thick thread from the history of the City of the seven hills. The menu will be varied and you will be able to enjoy both pizza and Italian specialties, as well as excellently prepared steaks and typical Bulgarian delicacies.

After restaurants, it’s time for bars. Wunderbær will be the place that unites the pursuit of quality of the founders of Hills Beer with their desire to be closer to their fans, ensuring the highest level of service. Fans of quality beer in the City under the hills can now enjoy the hop elixir in the newly-opened shop and wine tasting venue, Wunderbær. Wunderbær will be the place that unites the pursuit of quality of the founders of Hills Beer with their desire to be closer to their fans, ensuring the highest level of service. There will be five types of draft beer, namely: the traditional Bavarian pilsner - Pils, the traditional Bavarian wheat beer - Weizen, the smoked lager - Helles Rauch, the light wheat beer- Summer Blanche and, of course, the latest addition to the assortment - Single Stout in collaboration with Friday at five with KitodarTodorov. You can expect a sixth draft beer from a visiting brewery.

A few yards down, literally less than two weeks ago, another interesting place opened its doors. Now is the time to enjoy it until the crowds have hit it. BABA YAGA Plovdiv is a collaboration between two friends, one of whom came on vacation from Montpellier, and then decided to stay in Plovdiv to open a bar together. Wide two-story bar, 2 trees as a decoration, 2 foosball tables, a PlayStation, a beer pong table, table tennis, music for everyone, lots of smiles, amazing graffiti, varied stories, and excited people.

Don’t miss to visit Central, which revives Bulgarian taste with innovative approaches and recipes.

We also look forward to your suggestions for new places that deserve our visit.