Cocktails and dancing in an irresistibly good combination


Cover photo: Dimitar Yakov

When looking for a place in the art district of Kapana, where we can indulge in our good mood and spend unforgettable time until dawn, we inevitably get to Gingertale. The favorite place for all party people who put on their dance shoes in the evening has turned one but continues to put smiles on the faces of their clients.

Photo: Nikola Gyulmezov

Saturday nights are reserved for fine music and very often there are guest DJs who make you dive in the rhythm of the dance under the sounds of funk, disco, swing, and more different styles. Sitting on the chairs is something that is rarely seen, and the rhythms allow you to unfold your movements and relax, leaving behind all sorts of care.

The bar is the gathering point for all in the swing community in Plovdiv, who for the last year gathered hundreds of more followers. Their thematic parties are truly legendary - with a special photo corner and the participation of the dancers from Lindy Hop Plovdiv, who with their impressive movements and figures evoke everyone who wants to join and discover the magic of the dance. Every second Tuesday of the month is reserved for the passionate rhythms of tango.

Photo: Nikola Gyulmezov

After the dancing comes the drinking, and the Gingertale cocktails are really worth trying. The focus is on craft cocktails and interesting original twists of popular classics. The menu is specially developed in accordance with the spirit of the establishment by the virtuosos - 3oz Bartenders Crew and the chief bartender of Gingertale Georgi Arabadzhiev.

Photo: Nikola Gyulmezov

One of the most popular drinks is French 75, which here is prepared in a variation with gin, skinos, strawberry fragolino and basil. The original cocktail became popular during the First World War, and the story says it was named after a French cannon, known for its accuracy and speed. It is believed that the drink is so strong that you feel like you are struck by the powerful barrel of the French 75mm field gun.

From the cocktails, we strongly recommend you try the latest addition, mixed by Georgi Arabadzhiev. Its name is Nessie and it includes an irresistible combination of tequila, Chartreuse liqueur, honey, lime, sage, and celery. The taste is a fresh explosion of garden aromas. The name comes from the famous Loch Ness monster, but this shouldn’t scare you, because behind the startling green color lies a real delight for connoisseurs of quality drinks.

Photo: Nikola Gyulmezov

And you know we can’t go without Margarita in the spring-summer season. The classic recipe here is presented with an original twist of red pepper, thyme, vanilla, and black salt.

For the gin-tonic fans and because of the upcoming hot evenings, there are three options infused with the freshness of the summer scents such as cucumber, lemon grass, and rose water.

Photo: Dimitar Yakov

And when you’re looking for a place to organize your unforgettable party, you must stop here. In Gingertale, in the Kapana, which attracts with music and unforgettable atmosphere, any event can shine in the style of the '20s with refined cocktails and fun dancing. Whether you are celebrating a bachelorette or bachelor party, a birthday party, a corporate party, the concept of the organizers is to put you in a real vintage fairy tale. The special theme for Vintage Tales & Cocktails gives you a truly different experience, including a mix of cocktails with catering, thematic decor, creating a theme makeup and hairstyle, DJ, photographer, and a personal swing dance workshop. The perfect gift to give to your loved one, or to organize for colleagues.

The hottest upcoming event for all fans of dance and cocktails is the first edition of the 3 Oz Wizards. It will happen on Kapana Fest, and the genius Tsvetan Tsvetanov will be behind the bar. The theme of the alcoholic beverages specially created by him is "with healthy ingredients and no added sugar". On Saturday night, the magic powers will double, because behind the decks will be Ihou (Marian Hristov), with whom your feet will dance on their own.