For the moments when you are bored at home, but returning to the office is not an option


The last year has changed the corporate life in Bulgaria a lot. Although more because of the pressure of the pandemic, many companies have begun to switch to remote or mixed modes of operation, with hundreds of people equipping their homes to make it convenient for them to work from there. And while for introverts and those accustomed to doing tasks in silence, this is not a big problem, there are still some for whom the home office is totally inefficient and lacks the dynamic environment in the workplace.

In this case, the best solution is the opportunity to work outside the home, which still combines a peaceful environment when needed, as well as socialization when we want to take a break from the millions of tasks and approaching deadlines. Then many of us start looking at the offers in the coworking circles and if you are in Plovdiv sooner or later you will find yourself in Cat and Mouse Coworking in Kapana.

It formed quite naturally, initially using one of the halls in the eponymous craft beer bar under the hills. Especially during the day, most of the customers quietly opened their computers and made a variety of video calls and rejected work commitments to the sounds of pleasant and casual music, with a cup of coffee or even beer. So far, this part of the bar is preferred by those who want to be in the center of the party, but still have a few tasks to do. It is also suitable for hiring by presentation teams or if you want to change the office environment.

On the second floor in this part there is a comfortable space where you can be alone and completely isolate yourself from the sounds of the art district. You are several steps and a door away from the bar, but it provides the necessary dose of privacy when you need real concentration and commitment to planned activities.

A bit away from the bar is our third option for working in Cat and Mouse Coworking. In the separate building you are literally one step away from the outdoor tables and you can immerse yourself in the Kapana atmosphere whenever you want. It is convenient to relax, because there is always someone outside with whom you can exchange words or just cheer up with a sip of lemonade or another dose of coffee, which comes for free from the bar. On the other hand - you close everything tightly, put on the headphones and immerse yourself in your own work plan. In recent months, this is a preferred option for small teams who during the week decide to gather outside the office and combine work with pleasure and social life over a glass of beer or wine at the end of the day.

With the weather getting pleasanter and pleasanter we guarantee that whichever of the three options you choose, you will diversify the boring everyday life and who knows - maybe you will meet many interesting people with whom you will connect because of common interests and projects. Here you won’t find yourself in the sterile large office spaces with many desks and people immersed in the screen from everywhere, on the contrary - this is the place for you if you want work and pleasure to go hand in hand, and a pleasant stay in the heart of the city under the hills among the popular bars and restaurants.