Three farms in the region open their doors for visits and reveal a part of farm life to the little ones


The farmers offer them a short lesson in the field, the performance of a fun task and a tasting treat - a different program that, in addition to wonderful memories, plants in the children the seed of good food culture, appreciation of the profession and a solution-oriented approach to life.

Pura Vida Organic Farm

Pura Vida Organic Farm is a family organic farm for growing vegetables and fruits in a nature-friendly way.

Christian and Valentina are family. The two love what they do because, in addition to selling the produce, they themselves eat it. They grow seasonal fruits and vegetables on 1.5 decares of greenhouse area and 3 decares of open gardens. Part of the farm are also 6 decares of vineyards, where grapes of the Rkatsiteli variety are grown, as well as 40 decares of fields, on which single-grain spelt is sown.

This summer, the two are expanding their farm with a magnificent Pura Vida Guest House in a clean, very warm and, of course, natural style.

During the warmer months and if interested in organized site visits, children can be initiated into the mystery of gardening, create and together eat delicacies prepared with the vegetables and fruits of the farm. The location is near Pazardzhik.

KEFFA Children's Farm

Opened just recently, this is the place where parents and children can learn a lot about animals and nature together. The little ones will have the opportunity to cuddle cuddly animals, try pure farm food, ride a tractor, play and taste rural life. Unusual, but at the same time very fun place as an alternative for celebrating a birthday or an organized group excursion. It is located in the village of Stroevo.

This is the first organic farm for the production of shiitake mushrooms grown on oak logs, using original Japanese technology. In this way, conditions for development and growth are ensured, which are as close as possible to those of their natural environment. Strict adherence to all stages of this process always guarantees a quality and healthy final product.

The young owners are also the creators of the Good for you - Good for the farm grocery store, where you can support Bulgarian produce by shopping for clean, real and tasty food, with proven origin and quality from selected local farms, participants in the campaign. The region is Karlovo, which you can always combine with an autumn trip to Sopot for a weekend full of new experiences and interesting lessons.