Scottish director Steven Louis Simpson is preparing his two upcoming productions, which will be shot in the city under the hills


We introduced you to him in our Expats in Plovdiv series, and today we will reveal a little more about two interesting projects that he embarked on during the pandemic. His goal is to shoot as much as possible in Plovdiv and to pay attention to the beautiful Plovdiv locations. Movies are a great way to present a product in an original way and it would be great to use this opportunity to show not only the beauty of the city on screen, but also its individuality through the prism of the characters.

The first of the two feature films will bear the mysterious name Retrospect and will present a mysterious love and murder story with a plot twist, making it exciting for the audience. You can follow the progress of the shooting on the Facebook and Instagram pages, where you will get more information about the castings, as well as photos and details about the shooting of the projects.

The second planned film will be a bigger production - an international thriller, whose main character is a Bulgarian. One part of the film will be shot on the picturesque outskirts of the city, and another - in its heart. The idea behind all this is to use a local team that the director can train himself. In this way, Steven will create a brilliant opportunity for all who want to work in the world of cinema, as it is quite difficult in Bulgaria, especially if you are outside Sofia.

Steven Simpson's latest feature film - Neither Wolf nor Dog has the longest release in the United States in a decade, and it was conducted entirely by his Plovdiv team. Neither Wolf nor Dog performed excellently in Bulgarian cinemas on a par with other international films shown on the screens at the time. Since the company is already an established name in the industry, this ensures that his films will be shown in cinemas he has already worked with, allowing him more freedom than most directors to create a company that will shoot, produce and distribute its own work instead of relying on funding.

For his new projects, the director is currently actively looking for actors, extras and people who are interested in working in the film industry to create a team. He also has an idea to integrate Plovdiv businesses and brands in order to represent local companies in the region, and he has already started actively recruiting his film equipment in the city, which he plans to rent to local directors.

And with our readers today we share some (probable) future movie locations that may tell you something more about the plot!